Mental illness is severe and an illness that must be treated at the very right time. It is not something that should be taken for granted or ignored mental illness can be very dangerous to one’s life changing him to the core. Thus today various mental health facilities are coming up assessing the signs of individuals who have to reach out to a mental hospital. Person changes becoming-

  • too stressed
  • Unhappy
  • negative approach to things
  • Anxious
  • Miserable
  • Lower self esteems
  • Lacks confidence

The person suffering from a mental illness feels lonely and empty. They tend to alienate themselves from people and their loved ones, work and relationships become secondary, and they are unable to work efficiently. The person becomes a victim of psychotic episodes which means a person getting illusions, hallucinations, and visions of images. This makes a person feel helpless, vulnerable, and in desperate need of help and care. Let us look at the major mental disorders that require support better treatment and care-

Bipolar disorder– Bipolar disorder is categorised as a brain disorder. This disorder results in a person experiencing intense and extreme mood swings switching from euphorically happy to extreme sadness and depression.

Schizophrenia- this mental illness is a severe mental health disorder when the person is not able to access the reality in terms of things happening in a normal way. They tend to hallucinate, have paranoia, and disordered thinking; all of which severely results in their ability to function productively and efficiently in their daily life.

Depressive disorder or commonly known as depression- is one of the most common kinds of mental illness. While the symptoms and signs of depression vary from one individual to another, the major common symptoms include the feeling of –

  • Hopelessness,
  • anxiety
  • worthlessness
  • low energy
  • abnormal sleep patterns,
  • severe sadness
  • Affects the person’s well-being and ability to sleep, eat, or work.

Mental illness should be treated at the right time by doctors, therapists, and specialists. People suffering from extreme mental illness become a threat not only to their life but also people around them. They get easily affected by the smallest of things and have hatred toward almost all people. Ready to take revenge from the people, this feeling of hatred that a person possesses can be a threat to society. Illness, when treated at the right time, can be controlled. A person entering into a decent and normal life while at the same time not treated at the right time has to take severe steps like admitting oneself to mental asylums or as we say mental hospitals. Mental asylums consist of several individuals that deal with mental illness and have been proven a threat to society or can be proved thus by committing a crime like a robbery at a large scale or killing oneself or others. Let us look at the signs that result in a person being admitted to the hospital

  • Apathy- Loss of initiative or desire to participate in any
  • Suicidal thoughts- thoughts to kill oneself as unable to cope with the changes that the mental illness causes in one’s life.
  • Murder thoughts– in the feeling of revenge or hatred the person tends to get thought of murdering the other person
  • Increased absenteeism– unable to present on special occasions of their family or friends, thus having difficulty in managing relationships with peers and family members
  • Worsening performance– lack of concentration in work resulting in poor performance and spoiled relations with coworkers
  • Loneliness– a person feels so deprived, and lonely when all his people are ready to leave and judge, this feeling often consumes the person resulting in him, indulging in various things throughout the day and even hallucinating things.

Mental illness is not something to be avoided nor the person suffering from it should be subjugated to bullying, alienation, or being ignored. Mental illness is something that a person gets to suffer either from childhood at the time of birth or from the difficult setbacks that persons receive through his/her ongoing life. These traumatic experiences can be shattering for a person living him a victim of mental illness. Thus instead of alienation, the person must be treated with proper care and respect, helping him with the right kind of treatment or if necessary getting him admitted to the mental hospital. This is not just the responsibility of us as citizens but also of the government

  • To spread awareness regarding mental health,
  • Efficient treatments of mental illness in the country
  • Availability of mental asylums.
  • Acceptance among each individual

Thus having empathy and being supportive towards people suffering from mental disorders is the least we can do as responsible citizens. Each individual suffering from a mental illness becomes too fragile at one point in time and all that person wants is respect, love, and acceptability, from his/her family, co-workers, and friends. It really becomes important for mental asylums to be available in good numbers, with the proper and utmost care, with the best doctor, and extremely clean and hygienic, since mental health is as important as physical health and not an act of shame.

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