Here at The Warner Law Firm, we always tell our clients in the Amarillo and Panhandle Texas area to never underestimate the effects of seemingly minor car accidents such as low impact accidents or fender benders. Under Texas law an auto accident is classified as a fender bender if the two cars hitting each other are going that less than 10 mph, which often happens to people stuck in traffic.

The problem with getting involved with a fender bender is that most people — probably including you —take the repercussions lightly. Similar with other things, people seek legal aid when it’s already too late, and we will tell you now what we always tell our clients: Having a trusted lawyer is not only vital for major criminal cases. You also need an attorney for seemingly simple personal injury cases like a fender bender.

Precaution for Potential Whiplash

Pain, stiffness, and tenderness in the neck muscles, difficulty in turning your head, and constant headaches — These are among the symptoms you can experience after incurring a soft tissue injury called whiplash. It is often brought on after the force of collision made your head suddenly jerk forward or backward. Unlike other injuries however, insurance providers and many police authorities can brush whiplash aside and deny you proper compensation.

A personal injury lawyer can immediately delve into your case, gather ample evidence, i.e. medical documentation, and demand for your medical bills, lost wages, trauma, and other accident-related expenses become compensated.

Personal Injury Claim Made Easier


It is true that anyone can file for a Personal Injury Attorney in Amarillo. However, it only takes one mistake in filing the paperwork to cost your entire claim. Only a highly competent lawyer can help you accomplish your goal as fast and smooth as possible. A personal injury lawyer who has an intensive background on auto accidents will immediately be able to assess your case and help you receive what you rightfully deserve.

If you are currently looking for a legal representative for an automobile accident in Amarillo Texas, Mike Warner of The Warner Law Firm is a renowned personal injury attorney who is well-equipped in knowledge and experience for all types of cases, including fender benders. Call us today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you and your loved ones.

By Russell Crowe

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