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The kalashtar are an uncommon race, both as far as their capacities and the manner in which they fit into DnD battle. Contingent upon your DM’s translation, your personality may not qualify as a kalashtar, yet the authority variant can be found in the Eberron Campaign Setting and the Monster Manual 3. Despite how you play your personality, this article will assist you with understanding how to make the best kalashtar DnD character conceivable so you can prevail at anything you do.


The Kalashtar are an imaginary race in the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) pretending game. They were presented in the Eberron lobby setting in 2004. The Kalashtar are a tranquil group who have for quite some time been mistreated by the Quori, underhanded spirits from the planes of Dal Quor and then some. To retaliate against their Quori oppressors, the Kalashtar united with the people of Khorvaire. Cooperating, they in the long run crushed the Quori pioneer, Ilvrissar. Notwithstanding, many inquiry whether this has truly transformed anything for the Kalashtar as they actually experience under a severe system.

Starting points

The Kalashtar are a race of humanoids local to the mainland of Sarlona in the world Eberron. They are recognized from different humanoids by their wavy dark hair, almond-formed eyes, and light-shaded skin. The Kalashtar are accepted to be slid from people who were moved by quori, malicious spirits from the Plane of Dreams. The quori were in the long run driven out of their bodies, yet they abandoned a portion of their physical and mental qualities.

Convictions and Religion

The Kalashtar are an otherworldly group who have faith in the network, everything being equal. They consider the world to be an embroidery, with every animal and plant being a string that adds to the entirety. This conviction reaches out to the spirits of the world, which the Kalashtar regard and try to secure. In spite of the fact that they can be fearsome adversaries in the fight, they don’t enjoy brutality or killing. They see the battle as a sad need when tact fizzles and possibly assault soldiers when fundamental.


The Kalashtar are an imaginary race in the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) pretending game. They were presented in the Eberron lobby set in 2004. In the game, they are a race of humanoids who have mystic capacities and psionic abilities. Initially made by consolidating people with extraplanar animals called Quori, their kin escaped from their home plane of Dal Quor hundreds of years prior and took shelter on the landmass of Khorvaire. This kalashtar exploit the way that most other aware races on Khorvaire have no regular safeguards against mystic or psionic power.


A kalashtar is a race of good-adjusted humanoids local to the mainland of Khorvaire in the world Eberron. They are known for their insight and mystic capacities. Kalashtar can utilize psionic powers, however, they must be utilized on the off chance that the animal that they are going after has some type of mental capacity, like clairvoyance or being undead. Kalashtar: has characteristic protection from enchantment, including deceptions and charms. Their blood is purplish blue in variety, which makes them unique in relation to people who have red blood.

Class Options

In the event that you’re hoping to play a Kalashtar in dnd, you have at least a couple of class choices accessible to you. The most widely recognized classes for Kalashtar are priests and psions, however, they can likewise make incredible ministers, paladins, and magicians. Whatever class you pick, you’ll have the option to exploit the Kalashtar’s mystic capacities and regular fondness for psionics.


There are two primary subraces of Kalashtar: the Kala and the Shantal. The Kala is the more normal of the two and are known for their athletic ability and solid association with the Dream. The Shantal, then again, are more intriguing and have a more grounded association with the Material Plane. They frequently utilize their powers of deception and idea to control everyone around them.


By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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