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An office is a place where we have to work for approximately 9 hours. Every one of us wants to have an office that is easy to work in and one feels comfortable while working. Offices are of different types. Some offices are small and some are big. This all depends on the nature of the work. There is a wide range of options for which type of office you want to make. Like co-working spaces, creative spaces and many others. In this article, we will discuss in detail about different types of office spaces near us.

We will explore in detail the different office spaces around us. After reading this article you will know more about the offices and their type.

What is an office space?

Before starting let us discuss the type of office space. There are different types of offices according to the needs and requirements. Like when you are working in a call center it requires a big hall and their arrangement is cabin style. On the other side if you are working in a hospital they are in a single room. Hence, they all depend on the needs. One can buy the furniture from the used office furniture store.

Different Types of Office Spaces

Office space depends on the nature of the job. There are different types of office space. Now let us see about the spaces.

Following are some of the types of space.

  •         Traditional office space
  •         Co-working space
  •         Open plan office space
  •         Shared office space
  •         Home office
  •         Closed office space

Let us discuss all these spaces in detail.

·       Traditional Office Space

The traditional office space is built to encourage the co-working space with a place where workers work on a daily basis. they have to report their daily tasks on regular basis. The traditional space is classically designed with private areas including meeting rooms, common rooms, receptions and comfortable access for working space.

·       Co-Working Space

Co-working space is made for start-ups the one who wants to build up their own setups. This office includes multiple small offices where different types of people make their own businesses. It is also a perfect place for small setups. In the few years, many people are working in co-working spaces. they start up their own business. One best thing about this space are that these offices are available 24/7. One can easily come and start their daily tasks. The main thing in the co-working spaces is a conference room and a board room. You just have to hire the space according to your needs. There are different types of rooms in these spaces. 

·       Open Plan Office Space

Open plan office space is the same as traditional office space. In this space, all the team members have to work on the same floor. Everyone has to work on the same floor. There is no separator between the employees. These types of spaces are increasing rapidly. In this space, all the employees are on the same floor and are encouraged to work co inordinately. While working in this type of space encourages the employees to become great teamwork. On the same site, it brings positive changes in the employee’s personality as well. They also help to groom the employees

·       Shared Office Space

Shared office space, as the name, says share means that we have to share our single office with multiple other offices. The share office space is the same as the co-working office space. There are minor differences in these types of spaces. As in co-working spaces, there are mostly the ones who are freelancers or the ones who have to do their start-up. On the other side of the shared office space, there are professional offices that have already established their offices. The share office space gives you a chance to learn more about the other offices. This type of office provides the best opportunity to work with others.

·       Home Office

Home offices are such places that are in the employee’s home. The home office is a special dedicated place in the employee’s home where it is equipped with all the necessary things that he needs at the working station. Home offices are become popular in recent years due to pandemics and many companies allow their employee to work from home.

·       Closed Office Space

This type of office has a separate dedicated room for all the employees. In these types of spaces, there are doors. People work separately. Everyone has a dedicated area.


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