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Director Jeong Kyung-In of Synergy Plastic Surgery appeared on “Doctor OBS” on February 17th and introduced the face lift surgery. Doctor OBS is a medical program broadcast on Gyeongin TV, and professional medical staff appear on it in order to provide various health information that viewers are curious about. Director Jeong Kyung-In appeared in the episode “How to solve the problem of increasing face fat?” and talked about the face lift surgery.


Director Jeong said, “As aging progresses, the skin and surrounding tissues start to droop because of gravity. As a result, the face line sinks down and cheek fat increases, resulting in deep cheeks like a bulldog.”


He continued to explain how the face lift surgery that pulls and fixes sagging skin and muscles through surgery: “Sagging cheeks like this cannot be improved with Botox and fillers alone, and it should be solved by pulling up methods such as face lift surgery, thread lifting, and laser lifting.”


According to Director Jeong, face lift surgery starts with the temporal parts of face, and then makes incisions along the front and back of the ear to the neck, and then pulls and fixes the skin layer and muscle layer in the downward direction. After that, it proceeds by removing and suturing the remaining skin.


In the case of face lift surgery, a single part of the face can be operated on in an hour, and it takes about 3 hours to proceed to the neck as a whole. Usually, a recovery period of 1 to 2 weeks is required, and the recovery period may vary depending on the surgical method and the extent of detachment. Side effects that may occur after surgery include blood accumulation at the surgical site and loss of sensory nerves, but sensory nerves normally recover over time.


The maintenance period is usually 5 to 10 years, and you should refrain from excessive exercise for two weeks after surgery and refrain from drinking alcohol and sauna for four to five weeks. Do not forget to avoid ultraviolet exposure and rapid weight gain, and it is recommended to avoid procedures or surgery in the area because scar tissue remains in the peeling area for a year. Moreover, it is recommended to manage bruises and swelling with high-frequency and LED lights conducted by hospitals rather than skin care administered by hand for at least one month after surgery.


For pre-surgical precautions, you should avoid the timing of your menstrual cycle, and if you are taking blood pressure drugs, hormone drugs, or omega 3, you should notify the hospital and check whether you should continue it or not. He emphasized that if scars remain after face lift surgery, or if the change is insignificant due to very little pull, or if sagging has improved but feels awkward due to lack of volume, etc then re-operation may be necessary and re-operation should be carried out in consideration of patient complaints, face lines, and volume.


Moreover, Director Jeong said, “When choosing a face lift surgery hospital, you need to look at whether the medical staff is experienced, whether they pull SMAS layer, remove and exfoliate the under-skin ligament, and if it is well managed. Only by pulling up to the SMAS layer can you expect a proper improvement effect and a long maintenance period, and by cutting the retaining ligaments, the skin layer can move well and be repositioned to an ideal position.” He also added that if the retaining ligament is not removed, dimple-like phenomenon may occur, so it is necessary to remove it.”


Finally, he advised, “You should only consider undergoing face-lift surgery when the facial lines are uneven because of sagging due to aging, when the nasolabial folds and drooping corners of the mouth make the face look older, or when aging is so advanced that it is difficult to improve it with laser or thread lifting.” He also said that if you are feeling stressed because of change in your appearance due to your health, it would be helpful to visit the hospital, consult with the experienced medical staff, and then receive the treatment or surgery that is best for you.” <Help: Synergy Plastic Surgery CEO Jung Kyeong-in>

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