Cat's Eye Gemstone

The Cat’s Eye gemstone is a wonder of nature. This gemstone completely resembles the eye of a cat as the name suggests. In fact, the gemstone is actually called Lehsuniya or Vaidurya. And because of the similar appearance, the name ‘Cat’s Eye’ is given to the stone.

There is a specific effect of Chatyoncy which is the reason behind this similar look. When the stone is put under a direct narrow light, there is a slit seen on the surface of the stone. The background color of the gemstone is greyish green as well. This makes the stone look like the cat’s eyes.

Although, the look of this beautiful gemstone is just a plus point. The stone is more of importance because of its astrological significance. In astrology, the Cat’s eye stone has a powerful link with the astrological planets. These planets have a powerful effect on the lives of the person who wears the stone and the energy flows through them to alter the life course positively.

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of the cat’s eye gemstone:

Astrological Benefits of the Cat’s Eye Gemstone

With a lot of value in astrology, an original cat’s eye gemstone is recommendable to any person who has negative effects of Ketu in their birth chart. Ketu is the ruling planet of the Cat’s Eye gemstone. Ketu of Cat’s Eye Gemstone is not an actual planet but an astrological planet.

Planet Ketu is said to be a shadow planet as per astrologers. It has an extremely negative effect on the person. This mostly depends on the position of the planets in your birth chart. But Ketu is a dramatic planet, which is very problematic.  It causes troubles in your life.

An original cat’s eye gemstone will remove these negative effects of the Ketu from your life. It will remove all the negativity, and obstacles.

Spiritual Benefits of the Cat’s Eye Stone

Lehsuniya Ratna has energies that will shield you from negative auras. This negativity is mostly the vibrations and cosmic energies around you. Like the evil spirits, bad omens, evil eyes, etc. An original Cat eye stone will protect you by being a shield from all these negative energies. This Cat’s eye stone benefit has been known for centuries, which is why in earlier times people from many cultures used to wear this stone as a talisman or amulet.

Another spiritual benefit of Cats eye gemstone is that it helps you grow the connection between you and the universe’s higher powers. It will enhance your spiritual level, help you with spiritual practices by acting like a tool to attract positivity, and guide you on the right journey to god.

Health Benefits of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

A natural cat’s eye gemstone also has healing properties. The energy of the stone includes physically healing the person who wears this stone with proper Vedic procedure. Read here – How to wear Cat’s Eye gemstone.

  • It will heal eye-related infections or diseases.

  • Strengthens the digestive system, reduces acidity, and helps in better digestion.

  • Increase the energy levels of the person.

  • Provides relief in low blood pressure problems.

  • Cures mental disorders.

  • Heals any urinary diseases or problems.

  • Aids respiratory system diseases like Asthma.

  • Helpful in Leukaemia.

Emotional Benefits of the Cat’s Eye Gemstone

The Cat’s Eye will help you heal from any emotional trauma, and decrease the sadness in your life. If you suffer from depression or have panic attacks, the stone’s energy will level your hormones to reduce them. And you feel more stable emotionally, calm, and peaceful as well.

Bonus Benefit of Wearing Cat’s Eye Stone

Some more Cat’s Eye gemstone benefits are as follows:

    • Increase the intuition powers or instincts

    • Helps in self-awareness

    • Enhances decision-making capabilities

    • Attracts wealth and success

    • Brings prosperity and serenity

    • Augments determination powers

    • Reduces fears


    The cat’s eye gemstone is a precious gemstone and one of the navratna’s as well. This makes a cat’s eye a highly valuable gemstone. All the advantages that this stone provides make it a demandable gemstone in the market.

    Among all the benefits that are mentioned above, one more is that this stone is a beauty. And it looks highly elegant when worn in the form of jewelry like a ring or a pendant.

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