Investors and traders are two very different types of people in the financial world. An investor buys and holds onto assets for long-term gain, while a trader buys and sells assets for short-term profit. However, there are several more differences between them.

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Risk Tolerance

Investors are generally more risk-averse than traders because they can afford to be. Their longer-term investment horizons allow them to weather the markets’ ups and downs without worrying about immediate losses. On the other hand, traders are often more willing to take risks because they know they can make up for any losses with future gains. digitallabstudios

Holding Periods

Investors typically hold onto their assets for months or even years, while traders usually only keep them for days or weeks—this difference in holding periods results from the different goals that investors and traders have.


The investment strategy of an investor is usually to buy and hold, while the trading strategy is usually to buy and sell. Investors focus on finding quality assets that will appreciate over time, while traders focus on finding currently undervalued assets and selling them when they reach their desired price.

Emotional Attachment

Investors often develop an emotional attachment to their investments, which can cloud their judgement when making decisions about them. On the other hand, traders are more detached from their assets and make decisions based on logic and reason. slowfoodmaresme

Time Commitment

Investing requires a much longer time commitment than trading does. Investors must carefully research and monitor their investments to ensure they are performing as expected. Traders also need to research, but they usually get by spending less time since their holding periods are shorter.

Skill Set

Investors and traders need to understand the financial markets, but investors also need to be patient and have good judgement. Traders need to be able to analyse information and make decisions quickly. They also need to be comfortable with taking risks.


Investors typically rely on their investments for long-term income, while traders usually only use their trading profits as supplemental income. Investors’ goal is to grow their wealth over time, while traders’ goal is to make quick and profitable trades.


Investors and traders are also subject to different tax rules. Investors are usually taxed lower than traders because their gains are long-term capital gains. On the other hand, traders are typically taxed at a higher rate because their gains are considered short-term capital gains.

What are the risks of being a trader?

Increased Taxes

As mentioned above, traders are taxed at a higher rate than investors because their gains are considered short-term capital gains. It can result in the government taking a significant portion of your profits.

Time Commitment

Trading also requires a much more time commitment than investing does. Traders must carefully research and monitor their investments to ensure they are performing as expected. It can be a full-time job in itself.

Emotional Attachment

Another risk of trading is that it can be easy to develop an emotional attachment to your assets. It can obscure your judgement when it comes to making decisions about them. You may hold onto losing positions for too long or sell winning positions too early.

Risks of investing

Loss of Principal

Investing always carries the risk of losing your principal. It is the money you invest and is not guaranteed to be returned to you. You may lose all of your investment.

Inflation Risk

Investing also carries the risk of inflation risk. The risk is that your money’s purchasing power will decrease over time. It can happen if the prices of goods and services rise faster than the rate of return on your investment.

Market Risk

Another risk associated with investing is market risk. It is the risk that the value of your investment will go down due to changes in the stock market or other economic conditions.

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