Country Setting Event Wedding Venue

Are you and your fiancé planning a countryside wedding? A country setting event wedding venue in Colorado offers you a perfect setting to plan a wedding of your dream. With the help of one-of-a-kind decor, you can host an elegant and classy wedding. 

We bring you a list of elements that you can add to your countryside gathering place event venue in Fort Collins, CO, to host a mesmerizing wedding that your friends and family will remember all their life.

Let’s explore some ideas shared by the expert. 

Use the Surrounding As the Key Decor Element

The scenic beauty of Fort Collins, CO, is the key decor element of the countryside gathering place event venue. Crowding it with unnecessary decor will overshadow it. 

Opt for an iron or sleek wood chair if planning a rustic wedding. Ask your wedding planner for lush green aisle runners as it will complement the rustic charm of the countryside. Experts recommend opting out of the ceremony structure.

A Garden-Style Wedding 

A countryside gathering place event venue in Fort Collins, CO, is ideal for hosting a garden-style wedding. Decorate the aisle’s side by potting flowers and plants. Use monochromatic florals to enhance the aesthetic. 

The Eccentric Raw Wood Element 

The raw wood is the most fundamental element to accentuate the beauty of the countryside wedding venue. It maintains the natural color pallet of the decor while adding a personal touch. Replace the traditional ceremony arch with tree stumps.

What’s Your Take On The Rustic Altar?

Most of the countryside wedding venues is a barn or working organic farms. Thus, an ideal choice for a rustic wedding. 

Create a rustic altar with a natural canvas canopy and wooden structure. You can decorate it with a wide variety of flowers to enhance the beauty of the altar. We recommend decorating your venue with the same species of flower grown on-site to ensure a flawless blend with the surrounding. 

Experts recommend setting up an aisle for your countryside wedding that flows with scenic beauty and backdrop. You can decorate the aisle’s side with loose florals while adding a pop of color in between. 

The Beauty Of The Tented Space Integrated with Greenery

Opt for a tented countryside wedding to recreate the natural element with a twist. The lush green against the white background of the tent adds a rich and warm vibe to the country setting event wedding venue in Colorado. To enhance the magnificence of decor, add vibrant colors. 

Construct A Magnificent Table Space With Raw Materials

Planning a rustic countryside wedding is all about details. Adding an elegant and suitable element can bring out the incomparable beauty of your wedding. Expert recommends mixing table metals and fresh wildflowers to construct a magnificent table space.

The Bottom Line

A countryside wedding venue will offer you majestic charm when planned with details and in harmony with the natural surroundings. Share your vision with your wedding planner and pick the right venue to enjoy the wedding of your dream. 

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