Dangerous Trends

Dangerous trends to avoid by teens. Every generation of teenagers creates something to demonstrate their coolness. Tractors and chickens, as Kevin Bacon’s character did in Footloose were a hazardous game. The recent teen-related dangers demonstrate that today’s trends are just as ridiculous as they were, if perhaps worse. Most of us don’t believe that our children are stupid enough to make these choices yet, but it’s worth discussing with your teenager about these trends.

The reason teens are attracted to the latest trends and new challenges

It’s difficult to stop teenagers who engage in unsafe activities according to Dr. Nina S. Mounts. “Despite the efforts of educators to provide teens with the information they need to avoid dangerous behavior, a lot of adolescents remain engaged in dangerous behavior,” Dr. Mounts stated in Psychology Today.

Rainbow celebrations

Don’t fall for this innocent party theme. No matter if you’re a guy or girl, you need to be cautious if you learn about a”rainbow” party. According to some reports, at the time of a rainbow celebration girls wear various colored lipsticks to perform oral sex with males and leave the boys with the rainbow of colors as evidence.

Cinnamon challenge

It might seem like a harmless task to take one spoonful of cinnamon. But, there are many serious dangers related to it. Because the cinnamon dries and coats the throat and mouth a person can begin to gag, cough, and spit up. The fine powder of cinnamon can also aspirate, thereby increasing the likelihood of getting pneumonia, infection, or even a collapsed lung. Cinnamon can indeed cause lung problems.

The dangerously risky

Vodka eyeballing

I know that drinking a shot of vodka can be somewhat overwhelming to drink, especially with the burn of the liquor flowing down your throat. However, I’m not sure how I would feel having anyone pour a shot of vodka into my eyes. Vodka eyeballing allows people to get more buzz in a shorter amount of time because alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream through the veins that surround the eyeball. It’s not just that this increases the likelihood of getting an eye infection, but you may suffer serious injury to the eye, leading to blindness — all to get the pleasure of a buzz.

The Hot Pepper Challenge

It is just fun to watch someone race to the store for the liquid to cool down their mouths and let tears stream down their faces. However, the hot pepper test has its risks. Teenagers test their limits by making use of the hottest peppers that they can find including ghost peppers. It is possible to develop holes and sores inside the stomach due to these peppers.

Salt and Ice Challenge

Teens and teens are taking on an exercise that can lead to permanently damaged skin. They are attempting to apply the mixture of salt and ice on their skin, and then test themselves to determine how long they can endure discomfort. The problem is that this sensation results from an icy burn that requires medical care. This is as dangerous of an idea as being completely naked and shivering in snow for a night.

Challenger, penny, and charge

Perhaps your teenager isn’t aware of how to insert a fork into the wall socket, but for some reason, they think that the penny and charger challenge is enjoyable. In this game, teenagers are given a phone charger to connect it to an outlet on the wall. They leave enough room to display the prongs exposed. Then, they place a penny between their wall and charger which causes sparks and a short. Two risks: one) you could die by electrocution, and 2)) the entire structure could be destroyed by flames.

A Back-to-School Necklace

As per Urban Dictionary, an online dictionary that defines the internet or the term “cultural slang,” a back-to-school necklace is “another term for a noose. This is because of the overwhelming sadness you feel at the start of school returning.”

If, for instance, you hear children talking about the possibility of a necklace for back-to-school this could be another word for suicide that means death. Although this may be due in part to Generation Z’s humorous dark side it’s something you should be taken seriously.

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