Customs Audit Preparation in Dubai

Instructions to Prepare for a Customs Audit in UAE 

Lately, the duty specialists have begun leading traditional reviews on imports and products. The Federal Customs Jurisdiction has been given authority by the UAE government to check customs-related and business papers associated with the import of things. In result, it is an absolute necessity for available organizations to follow rules and guidelines. On the off chance that your organization is booked for a traditions review in the United Arab Emirates, you should contact a review firm in Dubai, UAE. 

Customs Duty In the UAE 

The custom levy determines whether merchandise or the items brought into a country are dependent upon a tradition’s obligation. Also, they are accumulated at the main passage point. 

The traditions obligation on the imported products is fixed and the traditions obligation is 5% of the worth of the merchandise in addition to the expense of cargo protection. 

The UAE has taken on a GCC normal tax as a rule, with customs charges set at 5% of the CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) worth of most merchandise. Notwithstanding, this differs with specific merchandise. 

CIF is a global transportation understanding where the charges are paid by a dealer to take care of the expenses, protection, and cargo of a purchaser’s organization while the freight is on the way. 

Customs Duty in UAE on Foreign Goods: 

– 5% of CIF worth of most items 

– half Customs Duty – Alcoholic, Carbonated, and Sweetened Beverages 

– 100% Customs Duty – Tobacco Products



Auditing should be possible on the two imports and products. Customs officials regularly perform reviews utilizing review specialists allowed by the Customs and Excise Department. The two kinds of evaluating, Internal Auditing and External Auditing, and Income Tax : All these ought to be thought about when you are setting up your business for customs review in UAE. 


During a traditions review in the UAE, the duty authority will much of the time send a solicitation for particulars to be tended to. This implies you will not need to stress over everything about your traditions reports; all things being equal, you can focus on the items that are being explored. It will be here that examiners will be intrigued, in this manner you should be ready to react to their inquiries. 

There are normal records that you ought to accommodate the Auditor. Available elements might be needed to give the accompanying papers from the first five years by the Federal Customs Authority: 

– Cashbooks 

– Sale and buy diary 

– Entries on import and product 

– Stock reports/stock reports 

– VAT bookkeeping records 

– VAT returns 

– Bank Statements, Transfer slips, and Deposit slips 

– Accounting Ledgers 

Audit firms in UAE will give an aide that covers the duty authority’s spaces of intrigue and give data that will be very valuable for your traditions review.

Customs Audit Checklist 

Listed underneath is the checklist you should be ready with: 

– Make a meeting with your traditions Auditor: Contact Auditing Companies in Dubai and advise them that you are being evaluated then they will make the essential plans for the cycle. 

– Gather the necessary data: Investigate all exchanges that are expected to the review’s principle center. Every single fundamental report, VAT returns, solicitations, and receipts ought to be advantageously open. If it’s not too much trouble, note that your records should be saved for a very long time from the date of the traditions exchange. 

– Consider revealing any blunders right away 

– Be ready for the accompanying inquiries : 

1.Do you have a traditional procedure being administered by a devoted individual or office? 

2.Do you have the hazards of the executives and consistent designs set up? 

3.Do you know the absolute yearly measure of obligation and VAT paid by your business? 

4.Do you know the yearly worth of your imports? 

5.Do you know the most recent guidelines on duties and their groupings? 

6.Do you know each progression of your production network? 

– Attend the CBP meet : Make sure to comprehend their inquiries appropriately and answer them straightforwardly.

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