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Initially, window boxes were called flower or planter boxes because their sole purpose was to store flowers or leaves in them. But with advancing, technology manufacturers extracted the idea and implemented it over custom window boxes. A window box has a window or transparent sheet covering on the front or top of the box. This removes curiosity and allows the customers to get a glimpse of whatever is stored inside the window boxes. You can create window boxes with cardboard or you can use Kraft material as well.

Every business wants to flourish in its job and business. To succeed the packaging of the products the company is selling needs to be on point. The choice of material and color combination is very important. The dimensions of every product must match with the package to look alike. The designs and style of every package are other points to look for. The sizes of the window boxes might also vary.

How to make boxes look appealing?

To make your box look stand on top and high as compared to other boxes on the shelves it is very important to look at certain aspects of the package. At first, the material selection is also very vital. The materials that are commonly used by almost all businesses are cardboard and Kraft material. Both the materials are biodegradable and recyclable. You can use these materials as a secondary option or thousands of times after initial use as well. These materials are considered safe and are called green substitutes because they pose no harm to the environment.

Manufacturer after selecting the material deals with the fabrication of custom window boxes. The most interesting feature of window boxes that compares or separates them from other boxes is the presence of a large or moderate size window that allows the customers to get away from their curiosity and look into the box to see the product inside.

Benefits of window boxes 

Some outstanding advantages are associated with custom window boxes.

Widespread usage of the boxes Yes that’s right! Custom window boxes are widely used in every aspect of the way. If you visit a shop you can see that window boxes are used for storing jewelry, food products, CDs, or DVDs as well. You can see some of the grocery products stored in window boxes as well. The most common use is the food industry. You can see cakes or macrons stores under the custom window boxes and you can look into the boxes to know the surprise. Not only are this window box also used as shoe case boxes so this shows how multipurpose it is.

Production and manufacturing 

You can increase the perceptional view of the users through custom window boxes because of their unique outlook and style. Window boxes are made through biodegradable material and their window cut style makes them best for marketing purposes. You can store products and increase your brand’s reputation through window boxes because such boxes can turn your unboxing experience into a memorable one too.

Atmosphere resistant quality 

Another outstanding advantage of such boxes is that they are pretty resistant to harsh climatic changes. Some fragile products require extra security and protection from heat or sunlight. Such as candles or food items. You can store products in window boxes because these are highly resistant to dust, mold, sunlight, or stormy weather. The bakery owners are making high use of window boxes because of their ability to withstand UV rays and harsh sunlight and will keep the edibles fresh as well.


As ‘mentioned above the window boxes are fabricated with only two types of materials that are cardboard or Kraft material. Both materials are evaluated by manufacturers thousands of times and are considered the safest of all the other types. Why safe? It is because it has the potential to decompose easily and also it can be recycled over and over again. A material that decomposes without releasing toxic substances and has the potential to undergo thorough recycling is considered a perfect choice for packaging fragile and non-fragile boxes. Therefore, it is the best advantage.

Easily molded and shaped 

You don’t need to always find window boxes that are square boxes or rectangular. You can design these boxes into many sizes and shapes. You can use cardboard material to mold it in many ways and create a stylish package for the customers. The window boxes are available in different designs and can be molded and folded into various shapes. You can customize these windows boxes according to your style or the event you are planning. There are different color shades that you can use over it to add sparkle to the boxes.


For marketing and business, promotional purposes window boxes are a great option. Business holders are widely using these magical boxes to promote their products. Like said it has great use and can be used to cover up all sorts of products. You can use these boxes for bakery or non-bakery purposes. Certain ways can further help the holders to make boxes look appealing and creative. You can ribbon or colors on it according to the product and make them look pretty looking. Therefore if you are in line to promote your product you must use window they are never going to disappoint you in any way.

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