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People enjoy using Custom Printed Pillow Boxes for a variety of functions, but most commonly they are used to present gifts due to their striking visual distinction from standard packaging. Small and large, uniquely designed pillow boxes are put to use for a wide variety of items, including jewelry, perfume, and clothing. Both their aesthetic appeal and practicality contribute to their widespread adoption. For these reasons, these boxes are superior to those offered by other suppliers and enterprises. Because of how distinctive they are, they are easily identified and captured.

There’s a good reason why so many companies have started using Custom Printed Pillow Boxes for shipping. Pillowcases manufactured to order can be made from a variety of materials, including Kraft paper and clear plastic. They are adaptable, finding application in anything from marketing efforts to holiday celebrations. Favor or gift pillow boxes are also extremely well received.

pillow boxes

Personalized Pillowcases: Why Buy Them?

Fair enough, you can pick up pre-made Custom Printed Pillow Boxes from any packaging firm you like; you can put your company’s stickers and labels on them, pack your items, and then send them out to retail locations. You’ll save money in the short term, but end up losing a lot more in the long run if you do this.

Custom Printed Pillow Boxes aren’t the same as the generic pillow boxes that any corporation can buy. You will not receive a pillow box with your company’s name, logo, tagline, and product image stuck on it like a cheap sticker. The use of these Custom Printed Pillow Boxes will set you apart from the competition and lend credibility to your business. Now that’s an objective that can’t be reached with those shoddily manufactured and cheaply available readymade boxes. Pillowcases can be made to order in a wide variety of hues, from neutrals to bright primary colors. There is a lot of leeway in terms of size, and you can have anything from tiny to humongous pillow boxes. DIY pillow boxes rarely allow for these variations.

What’s Inside a Box of Customized Pillows?

There are numerous ways in which customized pillow cases stand out from standard, store-bought cases. Pillow boxes made to order are thus named for a few obvious reasons. Let’s start with the construction; when you order Custom Printed Pillow Boxes, you can pick from a wide variety of materials such corrugated fiberboard, Kraft, plain cardboard, Bux Board, and so on. Then it works its way into the box’s foundation for the pillows. You can obtain a standard pillow box, which has right and left sides that open and close in a specific way and vertical lengths that are rolled over and pasted on top of each other for a secure grasp, or you can get Custom Pillow boxes with, for example, strings or buttons. CMYK and Pantone are both available as color models here. 

In order to meet your individual requirements, we provide a wide variety of design and finish choices. Options range from bespoke die cutting of a window pane to gold or silver foiling to a glossy or matte finish to raised ink to debossing and embossing to a PVC sheet with perforations, and beyond. Furthermore, these personalized pillowcases are available for wholesale purchase.

Why Order Personalized Pillow Boxes at SirePrinting.com?

While there are certainly other reputable firms from which to source Custom Pillow boxes, we at Cheap Boxes Printing are confident that you will find our arguments for working with us compelling.

  • Price Competitiveness & Affordability – When compared to other packaging providers, our pricing are both low and reasonable.
  • No shipping costs will be added. There is no shipping fee from us.
  • What really matters in today’s business ecosystem is getting things done correctly, which is why professional offset printing is so important. Professional packaging experts and engineers are on staff at SirePrinting.com, ensuring that all offset printing done by the company is of the highest quality.
  • Our turnaround time is the quickest in the industry, and we may have your item delivered to your door in as little as three to four business days.
  • We have dedicated teams for both customer service and sales that are available to assist you before, during, and after a purchase. When you ask for something in this way, you are guaranteed to receive it.

Safe for the Environment

None of the packaging we use is harmful to the environment. Our paper and cardboard pillowcases are 100% biodegradable, completely safe for children, and kind to animals.

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