Custom Arcade Marquee

You’ve probably seen tons of arcade marquees around town, and you might even have your own at home. But did you know that custom marquee signs are not just great for arcade games? A personalized arcade marquee can be an excellent way to advertise your business, whether it’s a restaurant or a small, local business. They’re also extremely fun and unique. The incredible designs that our sign shop can offer will make your game room the coolest one on the block, and with prices that fit any budget, there’s no reason not to get one! You can even get your Custom Arcade Marquee digitally printed so that you don’t have to commit to buying something right away; instead, you can try it out in your space, see how you like it, and then decide if you want to buy it!

What is a Classic Video Game?

Classic video games were created on a few types of systems: Pong, Atari 2600, NES, and Sega Genesis. These systems differed in their graphics and complexity but had one thing in common- they were all addicting! Nowadays we have Xbox 360s and Wii Us, but the classics will always be our favorites. And thanks to Custom Arcade Marquee, you can add classic arcade cabinets to your home game room or man cave so that you can play them whenever you want. Custom marquee is available for just about any classic console system out there so if you miss Pacman or Tetris then now’s your chance to bring them into your home without having to worry about taking up space! Whether you like playing alone or with friends, it doesn’t matter because arcade marquees provide everyone with a great time no matter what.

How to Buy an Arcade Marquee

Arcade marquees are a great way to either add some flair to your home arcade or start your own business. The first step is getting an idea of what you need. Do you want a custom marquee that looks like something out of the 80s, or do you want one that matches the color scheme and style of your establishment? Do you need it for a private residence, or do they have to be designed for commercial use? Once you have an idea of what kind of marquee best suits your needs, then it’s time to get creative and pick out the best font and design. The game title should go across the bottom third in large letters and be at least 36-inches high (usually red), with four lines going up from there in decreasing size until the top line which contains just a few words. There should also be plenty of space on either side of the game title so customers can easily read it without blocking any other information. Other designs include portraits (if someone wants their portrait made into an arcade sign) as well as landscapes that match a building’s theme. A Custom Arcade Marquee can bring life to any location: homes, restaurants, retail stores, or even bars can benefit from this type of signage. Plus, they look amazing and help make people feel nostalgic when they see them!

How to Set Up the Arcade Marquee

1) First, make sure the marquee is level. This will help it stand up straight when finished.

2) Hang the backboard on the wall behind your arcade console and measure how far from the wall to hang it. You want it about a foot away from the wall for clearance.

3) Hang your front board on the wall in front of your arcade console and measure how far from the wall to hang it. Again, you want about a foot of clearance between them both. Next, install your hangers on the back and front boards where they intersect. Secure these with screws or bolts as needed. Finally, use heavy-duty tape to secure your marquee strip at the top of the backboard and bottom of the front board in order to finish securing it. You are now ready to turn on that awesome Custom Arcade Marquee you built yourself!

Things You Can Do with an Arcade Marquee

  1. Put a custom message on it to welcome guests to your wedding or party.
  2. Customize it with family names and favorite sayings for a personalized look.
  3. Use an arcade marquee as a focal point in your nursery, playroom, or home office to create the feel of an old-timey game room.
  4. Give them as gifts for the gamer in your life and watch their face light up with excitement when they open it!
  5. Add one next to your favorite board game for an extra element of fun and nostalgia at any family gathering. 6. Create custom signs for kids’ parties that make guests feel like VIPs as soon as they walk through the door (think GOLDEN TICKET signage).
  6. Hang one from the ceiling over a seating area to add some vintage flair to your living room or library (especially cool in dimly lit spaces!).
  7. Display a Custom Arcade Marquee just like you would an ordinary painting so you can admire its handcrafted charm while making your way through this digital world.

Tips on Hiring a Professional

If you have an old video game cabinet and want to use it as a marquee, you can probably just remove the old marquee and replace it with the new one. But if you don’t have an old arcade cabinet or don’t want to spend the money on one, there are a few other options. You could get creative and paint your own sign. Another option is to buy a large piece of fabric, cut out letters of your choosing and sew them onto the fabric. The last option is pretty simple – make your own sign! A few ideas for that are to print out letters in the font of your choice, tie them onto sticks or dowels and then tape them onto the top of your cabinet. Or you can also attach them with thumbtacks to the top surface of your Custom Arcade Marquee. For even more detail, invest in some stencils and apply lettering by hand using spray paint or adhesive letters.

Can I Afford This? Check Out This List!

Even though these arcade signs are pricey, they can be worth the investment. Here’s a list of some features that make them so great:

-The marquee has been custom-made to be one-of-a-kind with your name on it. This means there won’t be any other arcade with the same sign as yours.

-You can customize the sign to say whatever you want, making it personal and unique.

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