Credit cards have made our lives convenient in more ways than one. From hassle-free and safe online payments to a plethora of rewards, discounts, and multiple other advantages – our lives were never the same! With new-age credit cards such as the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, you can also enjoy annual savings of up to Rs. 55,000! 

We all know how important it is to ensure time to continue enjoying the various benefits offered by credit cards. But how do you do it? Online? Or offline? If you choose to do it online, what is the quickest, most efficient way? 

If you too have been scouring the internet looking for answers to these questions, read on! 

Credit Card Bill Payment Methods and procedures:

While there are many ways in which you can pay the bill of your credit card online as well as offline, online payment is the more widely preferred means of payment. It is quick, simple, and highly convenient. You can choose from the following online payment options:

  • Via Internet Banking:

This is by far the convenient option for credit card bill payment online with the least amount of processing time. Especially if the bank you have a savings account in and your credit card issuing bank is the same. 

All you need to do is log in to your net banking account and register your credit cards. Once you do that, simply head to your credit card section, and click on a card for bill payment. Enter the bill amount and click on confirm. Your credit card bill payment will be processed shortly after. 

  • Via NEFT/IMPS:

You can use internet banking to pay your credit card bills even if you don’t have a savings account in the same bank as your credit card. How? By using NEFT or IMPS payment options. While both these services enable you to make online payments, the difference lies in the time taken to process the payments. NEFT transactions are cleared in batches, whereas in IMPS, transactions are processed individually and instantly. Simply add your credit card as a beneficiary and proceed to make the payment. Enter the bill amount, select NEFT or IMPS, enter OTP to validate your payment and you’re done!

  • Via payment gateways:

You can also make your credit card online using payment gateways such as Billdesk, CC Avenue, Pay U Money, Razorpay etc. Payment gateways allow you to make online payments without having to create an account. Simply use your debit or credit cards to make your payments with the help of the internet banking facilities of the partner banks. However, keep in mind that different payment gateways provide unique payment options for different banks, and the payment interface changes from bank to bank. 

  • Via E-wallets:

E-Wallets have steadily gained popularity across the country. They save people from the hassle of visiting an ATM and give them the freedom to make quick payments using their mobile phones. A few examples of E-wallets include Paytm, Phone Pe, Mobikwik, etc. These mobile wallet platforms offer the facility to make your credit card bill payment online and they are fairly easy to use too. Just download the app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store and link your savings account with the app. You can then transfer funds from your savings account to your E-wallet and pay your credit card bills in a jiffy. 

  • Via Auto Debit feature:

The auto-debit feature is a blessing in disguise for people who struggle to keep a track of their bill due dates. All you must do is log in to your net banking account and activate the auto-debit feature for your credit card bill payment. Think of it as a standing instruction to your bank – the amount will get automatically deducted from your account on the due date. 

If for some reason, you cannot pay the bills of your credit card online, you can use one of the following offline methods to do so:

  • If you have a savings account with your credit card issuer, you can call the customer care center of the bank and you will be guided through the payment procedure by an IVR. 
  • If you have both, a debit, and a credit card from the same issuer bank, you can also visit your nearest ATM to pay your credit card bills. Just insert your debit card into the machine and tap on ‘credit card bill payment’.
  • You can also visit your bank branch and pay your credit card bill using either cash or by drawing a cheque or a DD. 

By Russell Crowe

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