corner tv stand

A television is one of those features that are present in almost all the homes. And the truth is if you don’t choose the right way of displaying, it can end up either taking too much space in the room or standing out like a store thumb out of the rest of the décor.

How do you display a television without clashing it with the rest of the décor? And how do you incorporate a device in the midst of an aesthetic without ruining the rest of the setup? Read below to find out.

Fireplace Designs

This is one of the common ways to display your television. Here the device is mounted over the fireplace and the wires are run through the walls. Since there are no wires visible in this setup, you can rest assured that no tangled wires will make a mess in your living room.

Since this is a mounted display, it will also save the floor space that would otherwise be taken from a display stand. You can add display shelves or some other decoration light large vases, on the either side of the fireplace if you want more storage space near the television.


corner tv stand
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Display Shelves

Display shelves are the perfect way to fill up blank spaces, especially blank walls. If you have a large room, then there I no need to opt for mounted displays and try to save spaces. Instead, you can display your television on a large in-built shelving unit.

Most of the times these shelves come with a large space in the middle for the TV to be displayed and smaller shelves around to be filled with other objects. You can add a DVD collection, ornaments, photographs or books to fill in the additional space.

Off-Centre Placement

Although the television is likely to be a centre piece, there is no rule saying that you must do it. If your living room or lounge is more used for conversation, formal meetings or even just for silent reading, then the TV is not the most used device in the room. So, you can take some creative liberties and place the television off centre. The best fitting display idea for this is to get a corner tv stand which you can display on the corner of your room.

Gallery Walls

If you are one of those people who prefer aesthetic above everything else, then this design idea is just for you. When the television becomes a can’t-live-with, can’t-live-without thing, one of the biggest dilemmas is where to keep it without ruining your interior aesthetic.

To make your television appear less subtle, incorporate it into a gallery wall of pictures. Choose a collection of pictures that are similar or closer in size to your television. Then frame them usingplain black frames to match your television. Hang them all together with a wall mounted television. The television will blend in together with the photos.

There is no need to choose between the functionality and aesthetic when it comes to interior design. If you think outside the box, you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

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