Pizza is originated from Italy. The base of a pizza is mostly round, flat and made out of wheat, which is then topped with the help of tomatoes and chees, and other flavors according to the likes and dislikes of people. This dish is made at very high temperatures in electric and gas ovens. In traditional times, this was mostly made out in wood-fired oven.

The demand for this eatable is massive because of its outstanding taste. Many pizza food chains all around the world use boxes made out of cardboard, Kraft or corrugated sheets in order to deliver the product safely and soundly.

This section is to know about the creative packaging options for the customized pizza boxes and the options are as follows:

1.    Festive packaging

The festive packaging plays an important role to attract customers towards the food chain business of pizzas. This packaging style is mostly targeted on certain events of note like the Christmas, Easter, New Years, etc.

The packaging for festivals like these includes the imprinting of the colors and designs, which reflect the festival. For the Christmas, the use of red colors with jingle bells or other kind of imprints, which resonates the event itself, is done in order to grab the attention of customers and lead them towards knowing that the business is with them when enjoying the festival.

2.    Tier boxes for pizzas

The main aim for the use of tier boxes is the accessibility of the product packed inside. These cases generally come with two or more than two rows to contain pizzas. The reason why this packaging style is preferred is the containment of more than one pizzas in a same container.

People mostly use this creative design for pizzas for events like birthdays, parties, get together, etc. not just to get more pizzas in a single container bust also to get a more enhanced packaging in terms of the appearance and the visual outlook.

3.    Custom printed cardboard cases

The use of custom printed pizza boxes is one of the best ways of packaging in which there is a lot of room for improvement and various options for printing. The best way to use this customized case is by the imprinting of designs and graphics according to the likes and dislikes of the customers. It is the age of social media and the internet, and by judging and keeping track of the sales it is very easy to know the age of consumers who buy the product and along with the ages, it is very easy to know the likes and dislikes of the users. Offering customizable prints for the delivery and takeaway for this target audience might be the best way to ensure them that the business cares about them. For example, for the customers who love football can have customized prints representing the clubs, or resonating the love for football.

Many pizza food chains follow this trend to retain the customers and to attract many new prospective buyers.

4.    Fantasy cases

People love to watch television shows and movies and are diehard fans for products that support their favorites. Using pizza cases with the printing of anything related to the movies or series, which is trending is the best way to enhance the market for the food product.

For instance, printing of best characters of a certain TV show on the pizza cases. This can be done by researching about the likes and dislikes of people on social media pages. Asking the customers on takeaways about the container style by telling them the options available is also a creative way to catch the attention of the customers.

Another way to use these cases is to change the names of pizzas to enhance the promotion. For instance, if the packaging style is about the game of thrones. Using names and flavor of pizzas according to the houses in them can attract a big audience, as “the stark pepperoni” or “the lannister bacon” can easily increase the market audience.

5.    Portioned boxes

There is a lot of customer base who prefers a large slice of pizza rather than eating a whole. For this, the use of portioned boxes is mostly focused upon. These portioned cases look exactly like the shape of a single large slice and contains only one slice of pizza.

It enhances the accessibility for the consumers to handle their food item at the takeaways and it helps the consumers to dispose of the delivered pizza easily. Moreover, the custom pizza boxes wholesale of the portioned cases comes in several different printing options.

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