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When you desire to choose items that are stronger and more resilient than your average boxes then choosing a corrugated open-top bin box can help to create a stable cushion for all your shipping needs. It also helps to keep moisture and bacteria away from products and is easy to customize according to your business needs and requirements.     

Best quality corrugated open-top bin box    

The best quality corrugated open-top bin box can be easy to customize and this makes it an inexpensive option. Since these do not require high manufacturing costs and are easy to recycle, you get a better deal per shipment.

Further, you can use the cost savings to customize the branding and impress your customers. This boosts the loyalty of the customers and keeps them asking for more.

These boxes can be designed from recycled materials which makes them eco-friendly and easy for packaging and repurpose without compromising on the safety of the products. These boxes can be single, double-walled, etc. to offer maximum protection. This makes it a flexible packaging choice for all.

Such boxes are also used for organizing and storing products in a warehouse or manufacturing environment. Here are some other benefits of these boxes –

  • Durable- Corrugated boxes are made from high-quality, double-layered corrugated cardboard, which makes them durable and able to withstand heavy loads.
  • Resilient to damages – The right quality products help protect the products inside from damage during transportation and storage. They offer an excellent combination of features that make them ideal for a range of applications in a warehouse or manufacturing environment.
  • Stackable- The design of open-top bin boxes makes them stackable, which means they can be stacked on top of each other without damaging the products inside. This feature helps maximize storage space and makes it easier to organize products.
  • Versatile- Corrugated open-top bin boxes are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, such as storing and organizing small parts, electronics, and other products.
  • Eco-friendly- Corrugated open-top bin boxes are an environmentally friendly packaging option as they are made from recyclable materials.
  • Easy access- The open-top design of the bin boxes allows for easy access to the contents, making it easier for workers to pick and pack products. This feature helps improve efficiency and productivity in a warehouse environment.
  • Cost-effective- Corrugated open-top bin boxes are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of packaging materials, such as plastic bins or metal containers. This affordability makes them an ideal choice for businesses that need to keep their storage costs low while still providing adequate protection for their products.

What goes into the designing of these boxes?

The product is designed using flute paper that uses a compressed Kraft paper board in an arch shape. This is then sandwiched between the linear board and other walls using adhesives.  The resulting product has the following features –

  •         These are much stronger and more stable than regular cardboard alternatives.
  •         These boxes can be recycled and reused
  •         These have higher flexibility and are more affordable than other packaging solutions.
  •         These are easy and cost-effective in terms of customization.

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