Brostrend AC1200 Device

There are tons of Brostrend Ac1200 device routers in the amr\ket that claim the best speed. However, their range and coverage are not enough as they claim. As no one is perfect, some have the best range while some have speed. Placing the additional router due to its bad coverage is a costlier thing. We recommend you purchase the extender for better network signal and speed. The Brostrend is the most valuable and reliable brand, mainly known for extenders manufacturing. There is a range extender called Brostrend Ac1200 device that extends the range and provides very good speed.

It provides wireless internet speed of 1200MBps. It comes with a dual-band frequency. You can choose the frequency as per your location. It is capable of connecting 20+ devices at a time. The two external antennas will manage to extend the range and to deliver a stable and fast internet connection. 

The setup operation of this device can be accomplished easily by visiting re.nextbox.home from the browser interface. Its compatibility with maximum modem or router makes this device more valuable. The ports on its bottom enable the users to add extra devices such as smart TVs, PC, gaming consoles, and many more.

Features Of Brostrend AC1200 Device

The Brostrend extender comes with many great features. Some main features are as follows.

Compatible with Routers

It’s a very useful extender device as it connects easily with maximum routers. The wall plug and compact design will offer you to just plug the device and enjoy a seamless connection. 

Various Modes

You can select air bridge mode as well as access point mode. The two external antennas and the port will enable you to complete the setup in various modes. 

Rapid Network

The capability of providing 1200MBps speed with both bands is the key feature of this device. You can enjoy HD video streaming and online gaming without any lag. Now we tell you the simple operation to connect your Brostrend extender with Alexa.

Tips to Connect Your Alexa With Brostrend AC1200 Device

If you are looking to connect your extender with Alexa then you are able to do all the tasks just by giving voice commands to Alexa. Before connecting your extender with Alexa ensure that you have successfully set up your extender. If you don’t know how to complete the  Brostrend device setup, then follow these simple steps.

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Setup Your Extender

Firstly confirm and note down the SSID code and name of the router. Now visit the Brostrend official website or by typing in the browser. Enter the login credentials. Now follow all the info you see on the screen to complete the setup operation. After doing all these operations, you can now move to the operation of connecting your Bristrend extender device with Alexa. To do this, follow this simple operation. 

Connect Extender With Alexa

Open The Alexa app after plugging the Alexa device into The Ac socket using the wire. Open the navigation section of the app and choose the Brostrend Ac1200 device setup option. Now thumb down the action button. When the LED light illuminates, stop thumbing down the button and try to connect the Brostrend Ac1200 device with Alexa. The number of networks is available in this list in the Alexa app. Now select the modem WiFi network and enter sign details.

Tap the recan option if the modem network is not seen on the list. When you see it, tap on the Brostrend network to connect. At last, a confirmation message has been received and you can enjoy it by giving voice commands. Just say Alexa… to play music, etc. Now we are gonna explain to you the troubleshooting steps if your device is not working properly.

What If My Brostrend AC1200 Device is Not Working Properly?

If Your Brostrend AC1200 not working in the proper manner, try using these solutions.

Check whether the cable you are using to connect is working or not. Also confirm that the Ac Socket in which you are plugging the extender is in proper condition and is working well/ If none of the above operations works for you, try to reset your extender device by inserting the thin paper clip type object into the reset pinhole for a few seconds. The LED light on the extender device starts flashing and the device starts again by itself. After two minutes, try to set up your Brostrend Ac1200 device again.

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