Studied DSA and now searching for ideas to build awesome projects of computer science and adding them to your resume? Well, you landed upon the right article.

In this article, we will discuss top computer science project ideas for beginners. We will discuss projects related to every field, you can choose any of them.

So, here the list begins –

C/C++ Project ideas

1. Face detection using OpenCV

The sole idea of this computer science project is to detect and track human faces in real-time (like the video of webcam, camera) or a video stored locally on your PC. OpenCV uses pre-trained  XML classifiers that have facial features trained in them to perform the task in the back-end.


The prerequisites for this project are –

  • Basic understanding of C/C++ syntax.
  • OpenCV installed on your machine.
  • One must know the path to pre-trained XML files that can be found in the OpenCV directory “opencv/data/haarcascades”.

Try to implement this project by going through the documentation, watching some tutorial videos available for free on the Internet.

2. Implementing Minesweeper Game

Most of us have played Minesweeper on our old PC. Initially, we were given a square field that had mines in some cells, in the starting all cells are undiscovered. IF we click on a cell that has a mine then we will lose the game otherwise we are still in the game.


There are three different difficulty levels in the game:

  1. Hard – 24*24 board with 99 mines.
  2. Medium – 16*16 board with 40 mines
  3. Easy – 9*9 board with 10 mines.

Actions on clicking a cell:

  1. On clicking a cell with no adjacent mine (in all 8 directions left, right, up, down, and on both the diagonals) all the adjacent cells will be cleared.
  2. On clicking a cell that has mines in one or more adjacent cells, the count of adjacent cells that have mines will get shown on the cell.

You can play the game by clicking here to have a better understanding.

Now the time is to implement this game using programming. Though this can be implemented in any programming language, we will recommend using C++ for this.

Prerequisites for this project –

  • Basic understanding of the syntax of C/C++.
  • Having knowledge of OOPs.
  • Basic knowledge of Graph algorithms (BFS/DFS) to optimize the game.

3. Student Management System

The idea of this project is to manage a database using C++. Nowadays almost everywhere data of students are stored in the database. Like the student ID, his basic details marks were obtained in different subjects of different semesters.


The idea is to maintain this database and to develop such a program so that administrators can delete, add or perform queries on entries in the database by running that C++ code only.


The project is not as simple as it sounds, one will have to deal with various challenges while implementing this like how to integrate the database with a program, how to handle irregularities in data, and many more.


Prerequisites for this project:

  1. Basic knowledge of file I/O in C/C++ or any other language.
  2. Having knowledge of OOPs so that you can make our code more modular.

Web-based Project Ideas

1. Clones of different Websites

These types of computer science projects are very popular among students, you have to choose any website and make a clone of it using your knowledge of web technologies. For example, if you choose to make a clone of WhatsApp web then, you need to develop an application that looks quite similar to WhatsApp web.


Also, to develop real-time chatting functionality you have to learn different technologies like NodeJS,, etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand these terms, once you start with a project then you can find solutions to everything very easily.


You can also refer to these links if you wanted to build such type of project –

  1. Whatsapp clone
  2. Amazon clone

Prerequisites for these projects:

  1. Basics of HTML, CSS
  2. Basics of JavaScript
  3. ReactJs, NodeJs (Optional because you can learn these while doing the projects)

2. Collaborative Code Editor

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, interviewers and also students realized the need for a collaborative code editor to learn programming without any hassle of screen sharing and all that.


Nowadays, many companies are using these types of tools for face-to-face technical interview rounds.


You can implement this type of project in any of the technologies you are confident with and if you are an absolute beginner then you can start with NodeJS for the back-end and ReactJS for the front-end.

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