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10 Top PPC Management Software Solutions for 2022

It is a complex process with many different moving comprar seguidores twitter parts in PPC advertising. From bid adjustments to keywords, It requires continuous monitoring.

There are plenty of reliable PPC management software products which can assist you in monitoring your paid search marketing campaigns and increase the amount you spend on ads. Some of these programs focus on one specific function, such as the prevention of click fraud. Other tools can automate the entire operation for you.

  1. Semrush

If you’re a regular reader of Influencer Marketing Hub, you would know that we frequently write about Semrush. In the end, it’s a good all-in-one digital marketing tool that is suitable for companies of any size. It’s not just one of the best SEO tools and tools, but it’s also great for PPC. In terms of paid advertising in general and PPC in particular, they have seven tools.

Through its Paid Marketing Tool, you’ll be able to examine what your competition is doing by getting an insight into the keywords they’re bidding for. It’s also helpful for doing keyword analysis. The Keyword Magic Tool lets you access the largest database of keywords that can be used to determine the keywords of your questions and related terms and phrases.

Two other tools that merit attention are its Keyword Manager and Keyword Gap. Utilizing this Keyword Manager, you can deeply analyze up to 1,000 keywords. Keyword Gap is a tool that can be used to identify common keywords. Keyword Gap tool, on its own, helps identify common paid keywords that competitors are employing.

The key features are:

Analysis of competitors

Tracking rank

PPC keyword research

Pricing Prices start from $119.95 per month. However, you can save as high as 17 per cent when you pay per year.

  1. Profit Metrics

If advertising spending is a problem, you should look into Profit Metrics. It’s a tool to optimize profit targeted at marketers, digital agencies, and business owners.

On their website, users have saved up to 60% off spending on Facebook and Google ads and made more profit from advertising by 80% in certain instances. They provide an easy-to-use tool that allows access to the latest profit information from Facebook and Google. With this data, you’ll be able to identify which ads aren’t generating profits and will enable you to block them and focus on the ones that will yield more profit.

Pricing: Like BlueWinston, the pricing of BlueWinston is based on the total monthly orders, not on ad spending. For instance, for a site that receives upwards of 1,000 daily demands, you’ll pay around 137 dollars monthly.

  1. ClickGUARD

Widespread and trusted by companies such as NordVPN, ClickGUARD is another Click fraud prevention tool available to test. They’ve helped their customers to save more than $50 million from fraud caused by clicks through the investigation of millions of clicks.

It’s a breeze to begin. You have to set up your own ClickGUARD account and connect them to Google Ads. After that, by way of real-time monitoring of your incoming traffic, the software can monitor the source and analyze the behaviour after clicking against the usual fraudulent patterns. If it concludes that it’s an inauthentic click, it will block it to safeguard you from harm—the Google Ads campaign.

The key features are:

Different types of forensic reports

Refund claims documentation

Pricing starts at $74 a month; however, if you sign-up for the annual plan, you could save 20 per cent.

  1. EDEE

If you need assistance in budgeting, look into EDEE. It’s a marketing budget management tool that connects to Google, Microsoft, and Facebook to assist you in spending excessively or not enough. It’s possible to, for instance, make specific budgets, keep track of the rollover amount and even automatically pause campaigns. However, if the minimum amount of advertising per month is more significant than $20,000, it’s not something small-scale businesses have planned for.

The key features are:

Controlling overspend

Custom and monthly budget cycles

Budget pacing reporting

Pricing Starting at $79 per month, with a minimum monthly ad expenditure of $25,000.

  1. AdRoll


With AdRoll, the ability to track your performance is simple. You’ll be able to gain insight into every campaign you run and get the complete image of the impact you’ve had across multiple channels like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. For instance, you can utilize it to pinpoint the most effective conversion pathways across different campaigns. With this information, you will be able to swiftly take action to boost your performance by altering your budget according to the data.

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It’s not just that it has the option of a free Starter plan. However, it doesn’t matter whether your advertising budget is as low as $115 per month. It’ll grow with your company.

Pricing If you’ve outgrown your Free plan, prices start at just $35 monthly (including a free 30-day trial).

  1. AgencyAnalytics

As its name implies, AgencyAnalytics is focused on analytics. It can provide automated client reporting for marketing firms. It can be used to design a customized dashboard that lets you see all of your client’s information in one location.

Thanks to its drag-and-drop report creator, it’s simple to use, and you can create reports based on your preferences. For instance, you can add an image or colour scheme to make your clients feel more impressed by the professionalism you display.

If you also depend on SEO and email marketing (which you should do), It’s a fantastic tool to access the data through a unified, user-friendly interface.

The key features are:

A total of 60 Marketing Integrations

White-labelled branding

A suite of SEO tools

Pricing starts at $10 per month per client campaign.

7. Fruit

Fruit is a complete solution that allows you to improve the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. It comes with a SKAG generator that can create campaigns using Google Ads faster. Other helpful features are a planner for keywords and an ingredient mixer for keywords. If you’re not sure whether this tool is for you, this tool lets you create your first report absolutely nothing.

The key features are:

Keyword planner

Campaign builder

Extension generator and ads

Keyword mixer

Pricing starts from $65/month.

  1. Adzooma

Adzooma holistically uses digital marketing. Although its PPC platform is its primary focus, customers have expressed their appreciation for how it’s more than a PPC tool. So far, they’ve optimized over 1 billion dollars of ads, created more than 130 million impressions and achieved over 200 million converts.

Everything starts with your company score. With a better understanding of the areas, you should focus more on growing your business; The next step is to use its simple-to-use tool to design new online marketing campaigns. After you’ve developed your movements, it’ll monitor the effectiveness of your campaign and send free reports that offer actionable suggestions.

The most important features are:

Optimizing Google, Microsoft, and Facebook paid advertisements

PPC performance reports

Google Analytics integration

Pricing: If it offers the Free plan, but if you want access to features such as bid adjustments and advanced SEO analysis, you’ll have to join its Plus plan, priced at monthly a cost of PS69.

  1. RevenueWize

If you need assistance related to Amazon PPC, you can look into RevenueWize. It provides the Amazon campaign monitor that can assist you in increasing sales and cutting down on wasted expenditure. According to the website of Amazon, they’ve helped their clients increase sales by up to 25%…

It will also assist you with the use of keywords. The Amazon Keyword Tool will enable you to find new keywords that don’t create duplicates.

The key features are:

A powerful reporting system

Bid recommendation

Analysis of the Ad Spend

Practical insights

Optimization of Placements

Pricing Prices start from $119/month.

  1. Shape

Similar to EDEE, The focus of Shape is on PPC budget control. It can help you avoid spending too much or not enough and remove the need to modify the PPC budget manually.

One of its significant advantages is that it works with the major channels. Therefore, if you’re looking to increase your reach to other media like LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, the tool will help you.

The key features are:

Protection from overspends

Budgetary recommendations

Pricing starts at $29 per month.


By Williams Harris

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