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Kashmir lake,  Kashmir great lake trek became progressively popular and is currently, in all probability the most searched trek during monsoon in Indian Himalayas. Kashmir – “The paradise on earth” is unfurled during this seven days walk counting a distance of 65 Km. Many high-altitude lakes, alpine meadows dotted with small wildflowers, and beautiful campsites make this journey a desirable one. Consequently, the Kashmir great lakes path is the better of Kashmir, what locals describe as Jannat E Kashmir, a bit of heaven on earth.


How challenging is the walk to Kashmir’s Great Lakes?

Kashmir great lake may be an easy to moderate level mountain chain trek. Walking a certain distance every day with some high and low might feel a  touch strenuous to some as well. 


The fairly long ~ sixty-five-kilometer path has a few ups and downs. Water bodies/lakes are at the bottom of the mountains and naturally you’ll cross a pass or ridge-like Gadsar or Satsar and followed by a descent to successive natural depressions and lake(s). Therefore ensure some straightforward to moderate ascents and descents during the hike. The trek from basecamp to Nichnai has a medium level of the climb with a comparatively steep rise in the starting few hours.


Is Kashmir Great lakes trek suitable for beginners?

At the equal time, there are encouraging parameters for beginners. Whereas the best altitude on this hike is below 14000 linear units (4200 m/13775 ft), all camps are a lot of or less between 11500 to 12200 ft. افضل طريقة للربح في الروليت In between, we climb higher through sleep at a lower altitude. 


Therefore you’ll be able to understand that Kashmir great lake isn’t a trek to be taken casually. It’s perfect for hikers with few previous experiences or maybe for beginners who have pretty sensible physical conditions and lead a healthy life.


Weather pattern and the best time for Kashmir great lake trek:

Kashmir treks are best done between July to September then the Kashmir great lakes trek. There are not any kind of summer monsoons in Kashmir. This region receives the most snow during winters thanks to the western disturbances.


The season starts early because in the latter half of  June month once snow becomes minimum although there’s no monsoon, July and August do get rain showers. Mountain gets afternoon showers in summer and monsoon. Thanks to the rain and hotter temperatures, valleys flip greener with vivacious wildflowers. 888 casino arab


From September month the season sets in for the trek. Rains are negligible throughout this month of the season. Meadows turn golden from yellow as we move on in the journey. Shepherds and Bakkarwals come to their base with their Bos taurus during the grazing season.


Things to bring for this trek

  • A fast dry t-shirt (Dry-fit t-shirt).
  • A heat jacket (Double layer or Fleece jacket ) as a middle layer.
  • Windproof humor is waterproof with a hood because of the outer layer.
  • In addition, you’d need a backpack and a good trekking shoe
  • Id cards.
  • No objection certificate for trekkers between the age of 15 to 18 years signed by their elders or guardians.


Flora Fauna on Kashmir great lakes path:

usually, we tend to ignore the particular residents i.e. the different species of plants and animals or birds on a hiking trail. The natural depression is usually notable for its alpine wildflowers and you’ll be able to spot over 50 species just on this trail alone. Lilies, Jasmine, Marigold, and Kashmir Iris are some common flowers found on the path of trek.


Among birds, gold and rose finches, wagtails and pipits are very common to spot. you’ll spot a colony of mountain chain marmots on the rocky aspect walls of the valley.


Who cannot participate?

  • Individuals suffering from heart disease, asthma, and high blood pressure, can not be taken on these treks.


  • Junior trekkers below the age of 15 cannot go alone. They have to have the company of their parents/ guardians.


The way to reach Kashmir great lake trek base (Sitkari close to Sonamarg)


The most convenient way to reach Srinagar is via airplane. Sawyer Ul-Alam International field in Srinagar is around ten kilometers away from the town center.


Otherwise, the nearest railway station is in Jammu’s associate degree; it takes around 10 -12 hours to reach Srinagar, covering ~ 280 Km.


Is the Kashmir lake trek value going?

Great Lakes Trek is an amazing experience with some exciting views of valleys, lakes, rivers, and snowy mountains. ranging from the journey from Sonamarg to Naranag, the journey was filled with life and energy.

The weather will get biting cold however it’s worth it.

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