Common step chosen by professionals for sofa cleaning

Leather is durable and doesn’t require any occasional cleaning. A leather Sofa helps to provide a luxury look to your drawing room and never goes out of fashion. To maintain it for ages beautifully, pay attention to the cleaning tips you are using. If you want to give a nice look to your couch then use furniture polish once a month and keep it away from the sun. There is a wide range of Leather Couch Cleaning products available in the market but don’t apply the chemicals directly on leather as they can damage your leather couch. Firstly read the instructions carefully mentioned for cleaning.

  • Vacuum The Couch

The first step chosen by professionals for cleaning is a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Dirt gets easily sucked on all the corners and can damage the material when they come in contact with moisture. Move the vacuum on the entire surface of the couch and don’t forget to clean the cushions on the Leather couch if there is any.

  • Dry The Couch

Most professionals and homeowners avoid drying the couch and exposing it to damage. To dry the couch completely use a clean towel. Avoid using a blow dryer to dry the couch as this can dehydrate the leather.

  • Check The Label

Leather speakers have the label attached to the underside so always check the instructions before using any product for cleaning. If W is written on the label that means it is water-based cleaner, if S and P are written then it is solvent cleaner and if X is written that means don’t use any water or detergent on the leather couch. In that case, you need professional help.

  • Apply Diluted Vinegar To Solve The Problem

Use a simple cleanser that is not harsh on the leather surface. Mix vinegar and water and dip a cloth in it. Damp the cloth in water and proceed to wipe down the soiled parts. After a few strokes, it’s important to rinse the cloth to avoid spreading any further dirt.

  • Apply Conditioner

Once you have done Leather Couch Cleaning, take a small amount of homemade conditioner and use it to clean the leather. By rubbing in a circular motion apply the conditioner into the leather and allow it to sit for an hour. If you are satisfied with the result then apply conditioner on the rest of the couch in sections.

Clean The Stains

Stains don’t look nice on the leather couch. So for Professional Leather Couch Cleaning spray an aerosol hairspray. Nail polish remover, toothbrush, and wipes are the best ways to remove stains from the leather couch. If you get grease stains on the couch then use cornstarch and baking soda and after a few hours dust it off.


Some stain removal products are harsh on leather and can damage the leather couch. No matter what is the shape, size, and type of leather couch it lets the dust and mites settle on your couch. If you want to maintain a good image and hygiene then regular Leather Couch Cleaning is necessary.


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