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NinjaTrader automated trading is an excellent tool used for the execution of trades depending on the predetermined rules and strategies. Automated trading is needed as it has eliminated human emotions from the trading process.

Traders like you and me will not have to make impulsive decisions based on fear and greed. You can reduce the chances of emotional biases and guarantee that trades are executed based on logical and objective criteria. Ninja traders have various built-in indicators and analysis tools needed to develop and test their trading strategies.

You can get needed insights into the market trends, price movements and other necessary elements influencing trading decisions. The company provides real-time market data and specialized order management capabilities. This is beneficial in ensuring that their trades are efficient and accurate.


NinjaTrader is an excellent option for automated trading. Certain tips are mentioned below to start with automated trading:

  • You need to download and install the software.
  • You must create a demo account to practice trading without any risk of money.
  • You should familiarize yourself with the features and tools of trading, like Strategy Builder and the Ninjascript editor.
  • The tools are needed to create and personalize the trading strategies.
  • They offer various educational resources like webinars and tutorials.


You need to consider certain elements marked below to choose the automated trading:

  • You need to be aware of your trading needs and objectives. Select between short-term profits and long-term investments. You must select whether to opt for a high-risk, high-reward approach or a more conservative strategy.
  • You must explore the strategies as needed to understand the goals clearly. Ninja traders offer various pre-built strategies for beginners.
  • You can modify the strategies given and create your own from scratch with the help of tools available on the platforms.


Certain pitfalls you should avoid in NinjaTrader Automated trading are marked below:

  • You must not avoid thorough testing and optimization of the automated strategy before using it in live trading. You must consider the strategy using historical data and make necessary adjustments. You can increase the chances of having a positive result. Moreover, it is crucial to monitor the automated trades regularly. Moreover, you need to make the necessary adjustments for changing market conditions.
  • You should not over-optimize the strategy based on past performance. You must analyze the historical data and recognize the market conditions which change. Over-optimization results in a strategy which has performed well in the past but can fail to deliver as per the expectations lately.
  • When opting for automated trading, you must have a basic idea about the risk management plans. You must set appropriate stop-loss orders and position sizing based on risk tolerance.


NinjaTrader automated trading is the best option available to streamline their trading activities. The trading performances will be boosted when human emotions are reduced using these advanced analysis tools. Moreover, you need to select the best trading platforms to opt for.

Source –  https://optivaltech.com/common-pitfalls-to-avoid-in-ninjatrader-automated-trading/

By Russell Crowe

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