contemporary art conservation in London
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The world of art conservation is most commonly associated with classic portraits from the Old Masters. There is no denying that these creations will often need attention, as materials used in days of yore cannot compare with the exemplary standards utilised today. However, contemporary art conservation – in London and worldwide – is an increasingly essential service.

One of the most interesting elements of contemporary art conservation is that the original creators are often still alive. This means that intent regarding colour pallets can be discussed and confirmed, and first-hand experience and input provided. While the term “contemporary” is a broad church, in art circles it typically refers to anything created after 1965.

If you seek services for contemporary art conservation in London, the Simon Gillespie gallery on New Bond Street should be your first port of call. The experienced team at the gallery will be more than willing to discuss and share their expertise, ensuring that your modern masterpieces remain pristine.

The question is, why would a collector require the finest contemporary art conservation in London or anywhere else in the world? There are multiple possible reasons for this.

The first is retaining pristine conditions. A certain level of wear and tear is expected when viewing classic art. In many respects, it even adds a little authenticity to the experience. Things are a little different if you’re interested in contemporary art. These paintings should always look as shiny and new as possible, making the services of contemporary art conservation experts in London, such as the Simon Gillespie gallery, essential.

We also must consider that contemporary art covers far more than paintings on a canvas. What if the materials used in a sculpture are perishable, for example? Pop into the Simon Gillespie gallery and discuss this with experts in contemporary art conservation in London, and you’ll find a range of solutions proposed.

As discussed, the creators of much modern art are also still alive. This can be problematic if said artist decides to disown their work. You will not be able to seek input from the artist, adding even greater emphasis to the need for contemporary art conservation. London-based galleries like Simon Gillespie, and equivalents all over the globe, provide critical services that ensure collectors do not find themselves separated from their treasured art collections.

The need for contemporary art conservation, in London and elsewhere, will only increase as we edge further away from 1965, ensure you keep a reliable restorer on your speed dial to protect your essential art.

By Russell Crowe

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