Cologne The City of Museum

Cologne is located on the southwestern edge of the metropolitan area, Germany. Another name for cologne is Eau de Cologne. It is located on the bank of the River Rhine. It is fully developed in industry, education and tourism, and Cologne University is the oldest university in Germany. It is also famous for the point of view of tourism all over Germany. 

You can visit here all over the year. In this city, you can visit different types of places for attractions. All types of transport are available such as; bus, train, cycling, water and by air transport easily adjust with visitors. It is a family home of thirty museums full of art Skulpturen and hundreds of galleries to attract visitors annually. Cologne is lovable to visit with your family and friends on vacation all year.


Cologne is a dream to visit a visitor. Some places of cologne are the best all over the world, where visitors come again and again. Some places are entirely peaceful, where visitors can go and feel relief a satisfaction of own self. The nightlife of cologne is very brightening and attractively with the lightning in every street, bridge and building the visitors. All the day and night are the same as mine. Top of the attractions in cologne is as follows:


Phantasialand is full of all characters, where you can enjoy everything in one park. Wild water rapids, mystery castle Phantasialand, Hollywood tour, space centre, leafy park and restaurant provide food and drink.

Chocolate Museum: 

It was founded in 1993; it is the favourite place for visitors in cologne. The building is made of glass and looks like a ship. The visitors can drink the warm chocolate and take a bar of chocolate home. Different types of chocolates are in this museum.

Corkonian Irish Pub (The): Corkonian Irish Pub is the most famous pub, with your friend in full of enjoyment. Irish snacks, music, Guinness and big screen football from the green islands are some things different from other pubs.

St. Andreas church: 

St. Andreas church is the oldest church in cologne. It was founded in 1190, the 11th century.


At any time, tourists can visit cologne in a year. The accommodation in cologne is the best stay with a modern facility and comfortable. Some of the hotels are as follow:

  • Hotel Cristal
  • Hilton Cologne
  • Senats Hotel
  • Maritime hotel Koeln

Ambassador City:

IT s a beautiful city to visit once in your life. If you want to visit this city, don’t waste your time, get ready with your luggage and visit this city by London Cologne Trainline. Training is the best transport in the United Kingdom. You feel comfortable and enjoy the beautiful sites from your window seat. The most significant number of visitors can visit here. Now it’s your turn to visit heaven city.

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