Collapsible Rigid Boxes


A rigid box, often known as a “set-up box,” is a type of container that cannot be moved once it has been placed.

A Collapsible Rigid Boxes is a thick paper box made of chipboard (often 2 to 3 millimeters) and covered in specialty paper for decoration.

Setup boxes, gift boxes, and premium packaging are all names for the same thing.

Collapsible Rigid Boxes are an elegant form of packaging frequently employed for: Board Games

Gifts of jewelry and other high-end accessories

Additionally, Collapsible Rigid Boxes provides a high-end feel that improves your clients’ unwrapping experience and gives you more room to tell your brand’s story.

With the right printing and finishing, Collapsible Rigid Boxes can be used for a variety of branding purposes.

  • Stamping directly onto a hot surface
  • Embossing/debossing
  • Coatings
  • Complementary Accents

Packaging Options: Rigid vs. Flexible


The differences between flexible and Collapsible Rigid Boxes are obviously obvious from their names alone.

Collapsible Rigid Boxes, which is made of thick paperboard and stands in contrast to its flexible counterpart, is a growing market segment.

As its name implies, Custom Belt Boxes will not bend or squish. It’s opulent in appearance and feels more sturdy than its cheaper counterparts.

Even while it won’t be as sturdy as corrugated or other types of packaging, it will nevertheless provide adequate protection for your products.

However, flexible packaging can be simply bent into any desired shape.

The fact that it can be used in a variety of situations is arguably its most salient feature.

Bendable packaging, such as folding carton, falls under the umbrella term “flexible packaging,” and it comes in a wide range of sizes.

Differentiating rigid packing from Collapsible Rigid Boxes is essential.

Rigid boxes, often called built up boxes, are constructed from thick and robust paperboard to provide opulent packing options.

Metals and glass are only two examples of the many materials used in the Collapsible Rigid Boxesusiness.

Rigid paperboard boxes are the primary emphasis here.

In the vast rigid packaging market, Collapsible Rigid Boxes represent a niche but rapidly expanding sector.

In 2016, the global market for rigid paperboard was worth USD 496.72 billion, and it is expected to grow at a healthy annual rate (CAGR) of 5.8% in the years to come.

Common Rigid Package Varieties:


There are two distinct varieties of rigid containers, known as “partial finish” and “full finish” containers, respectively.

Unfinished Business:


Rigid packaging with a partial finish has insufficient wrapping and chipboard.

The chipboard on the inside of the box is exposed and unfinished, while the wrapping just covers the exterior.


Rigid boxes with a partial finish are constructed from a single sheet of chipboard with scored fold lines and no outer layer, revealing the kraft or grey plywood beneath.

Because less material is required to make a partially finished rigid box, its production time is drastically reduced.

The Final Word:


The rigid box is completely wrapped, leaving no chipboard visible for a full finish.

Additionally, 2-3 mm thick chipboard is also used.

Each side of the box has its own set of inside chipboard pieces, and these can be laminated with a variety of different finishes.

Rigid boxes with a full finish feature two layers of wrapping, one of which is white by default and the other of which can be printed.

Forms With a Rigid Center:

Packaged in a Tube:


Rigid tubes, also known as rolled-edge tube packaging, are an alternative paper packaging choice that stands out for both its originality and its low environmental impact.

As its name suggests, rigid tube packaging is a cylindrical rigid box without any corners and typically a telescoping or shoulder-neck style of opening.

The Pringles can is the most well-known rigid tube container.

Drinks, cosmetics, stationery, and accessories all benefit from being packaged in rigid tubes because of their easy-to-use openings.

Locks that use magnets:

As the two magnets in the stiff box lock together, there is a satisfying’snap’ that can become strangely addicting.

Rigid boxes with magnetic closures feature two magnets that, when locked together, provide an airtight seal.

Customers will be reluctant to throw away these boxes because of their durable and solid structure; this makes Collapsible Gift Boxes Wholesale a sustainable alternative, as they can be reused as storage units for jewellery, makeup, and pretty much anything else (depending on the size of the box). You may impress your consumers with a modern unwrapping experience thanks to the magnetic closure.

There are both fixed and foldable options available for magnetic closure boxes.

The foldable magnetic closure rigid box is not only more cost-effective to transport thanks to its ability to be packed and shipped flat, but it is also stronger and more durable than the usual form.

Most Collapsible Gift Boxes Wholesale include double-sided tape included, which can be used to seal the collapsible ends of the box, rendering it inoperable.

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