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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is defined as psychotherapy that combines rational therapy with behaviour therapy by identifying faulty patterns of thinking and emotional responses and changing them into desirable ways of thinking or behaviour. One such type of therapy is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy UK (DBT).


Let’s know what DBT is 

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy or DBT is generally meant to treat borderline mental disorders, but this has recently been used to treat other cognitive problems as well. It can help with the issues of having emotional or self-harming behaviours like not liking oneself, eating disorders, and substance use disorders. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in UK is also used to treat post-traumatic stresses. 


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy techniques 

DBT has emerged as a standard treatment to treat many diseases. The techniques that the experts use to treat such mental disorders are – 


  • Group Therapy – The patients are taught behavioural skills, especially in a group setting. 
  • Individual Therapy – is done by a trained professional where the learned behavioural skills of the patient are adapted to their personal life, letting them face life challenges.  
  • Phone coaching – the patients, can directly call the therapist between the sessions if he thinks it is difficult to cope with the situations they are currently facing. 
  • Essential Mindfulness – this technique helps you to live and focus in the present situation. The method tells the patients to understand the things happening around them and how to react to them correctly without having negative thought patterns. 
  • Distress Tolerance – these skills help you to accept yourself the way you are in the present situation. It teaches how a crisis should be handled through – Distraction, Improving the moment, Self-soothing, and Thinking of the benefits and drawbacks of tolerating stress.   
  • Emotion Regulation – the skills you learn here will help you to identify the name and change your emotions. When the patients are able to recognize and cope with intense negative emotions like anger, it will help them to have more positive emotions. 


Stages of DBT 

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy UK is divided into four stages of treatment. 


Stage 1 – At the treatment’s beginning, the most severe and self-destructive issues are the first things that are addressed. Situations like self-injury or suicidal behaviours are included. 


Stage 2 – Next, treatment addresses issues affecting a person’s quality of life, such as their mutual effectiveness, emotional regulation skills, and ability to tolerate distress.


Stage 3 – treatment here focuses on giving importance to self-esteem and social relationships.


Stage 4 – At this point, treatment is focused on helping patients get the most out of their lives, like finding ways to experience greater happiness, strengthen their relationships, and pursue their life goals.  



Dialectical Behaviour Therapy UK is a comprehensive, cognitive-behavioural treatment that is designed initially to help suicidal women. The patient populations for which DBT has the most empirical support include para-suicidal women. Still, there are promising findings for patients with BPD and SUDs, persons who meet the criteria for binge-eating disorder, and depressed elderly patients with personality disorders. Although DBT has many similarities with other cognitive-behavioural approaches, several critical and unique elements must be in place for the treatment to constitute DBT.

By Russell Crowe

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