With numerous people around the globe taking coffee as their breakfast drink, it is not a secret that it is one of the most rampant and prominent drinks in every corner of the world. Most people somehow depend their productivity on the amount of caffeine that they take within a day. With the drink consisting of a variety of ingredients highlighting the aromatic taste of the ground cocoa beans, caffeine intake is definitely a necessity for some people. 

However, we could never make coffee without the assistance of our old friend—the coffee maker. Hence, checking out some of the coffee maker products under Nespresso coffee maker Black Friday deals would make the feeling of shopping during the holidays become more fulfilling, especially for coffee lovers.

Globally, coffee makers are recognized as the greatest associate in making coffee early in the morning since it is a type of electric appliance that is placed on the top of the kitchen counter that brews hot and aromatic coffees. Most coffee makers are made out of various products such as a hot plate, a carafe or a glass coffee pot, a filter basket, and of course, the water reservoir. It is very efficient kitchenware as it can operate with or without the presence of electricity, depending on the type of coffee maker a user has. 

Coffee makers have different models. Due to the advancement of technology, there are numerous varieties of these coffee makers that make them more relevant. Some coffee makers only brew coffee; however, there are also some that are multipurpose and are produced to execute numerous tasks that a regular coffee maker does not usually carry out. Thus, these are some of the types of coffee makers that are noteworthy in today’s generation.

  •  Drip Coffee Maker

This type of coffee maker is the most popular type among all as it is easy to work with and comes in different varieties when it comes to sizes and styles. Most drip coffee makers can brew up to fourteen cups of coffee. However, just like what is previously mentioned, it is only designed to brew coffee. 

  •  Pour-Over Coffee Maker 

A pour-over coffee maker requires a paper filter and hot water for it to function very well. In comparison to the drip coffee maker, a pour-over coffee maker is much more complicated to use since it requires a much more gentle technique and a longer brewing time for it to make finely brewed coffee. 

  • Single-Serve Capsule Coffee Maker

This type of coffee maker can quickly brew its coffee. Additionally, this product has a wide range of coffee drinks to make. Moreover, this type of coffee maker has its own water reservoir, which means that an individual who makes coffee does not have the need to consistently refill water just to make his or her drink. Comparing it to the other two formerly mentioned coffee makers, a single-serve capsule coffee maker is more expensive. 

  • French Press Coffee Maker

One of the advantages of this type of coffee maker is that it prevents over-extraction of the coffee beans since the coffee is brewed below the boiling point. Surely, this type of coffee maker creates a flavorful coffee with a rich taste and aroma. The recommended duration of steeping time in this type of coffee maker is four minutes. However, this must be preheated to maintain the drink’s hot temperature. If not, the coffee will immediately cool down, which is something that a coffee drinker does not want to have—a cold coffee if you ordered a hot one.

  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker

In today’s generation, one of the most prominent coffee drinks is iced coffee. Hence, having a cold brew coffee maker is a necessity if you are one of the iced coffee lovers. The type of coffee produced in a cold brew coffee maker has a flavorful nutty taste. However, this product does not use any type of heat in brewing the coffee. Therefore, it takes up to 24 hours before the coffee can fully brew. 


Living in a generation that prioritizes aesthetics and beauty, it is also important to note and give significance to the quality of the products that we purchase, use, and consume. Hence, it is our responsibility to make the best out of anything by evaluating the quality of the products that we would like to purchase. 

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