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Dresses are hugely popular nowadays and can be seen everyone—in TV soaps, fashion shows, movies and social media. They are easy to wear and look pretty glamorous. But it can be a bit confusing to buy the right type of dress. There are so many varieties that you don’t want to end up buying a style that is outdated and obsolete. So it is important to have an easy clothing trend for girls so that you can add the most up-to-date styles in your closet.

In this article, you will find out which type of girls dresses are the most in demand and trending nowadays.

1. Ethnic-inspired dresses

Be it any occasion, the classic A-line dress is one that is evergreen and it suits all body types and ages. This design features a narrow fit at the top, almost like a corset, and flares widely below the waist. It’s a great design that balances a close fit with a flared design, giving girls the best of both worlds. They are quite popular and trending nowadays because these dresses flatter all body types—from the very slim to the more regular shaped body types.

A unique twist to the A-line design is ethnic inspiration. Many models and celebs are flaunting ethnic A-line girls dresses, such as tribal motifs, embroidery, sequins work and patch work. This gives a unique ethnic look to a classic design and makes it relevant to girls around the world belonging to diverse cultures.

 2. Kaftan Dress

The kaftan dress is among the most trending types of dresses for girls because of its comfort and versatile use. It can be worn as an everyday dress, for parties, and just for a relaxing day on the beach. The kaftan style is basically of Turkish origin but it has a universal appeal nowadays. Many young women love to wear kaftan dresses as nightwear or as pregnancy clothing mainly because of its loose-fitting design and comfortable texture.

It is loose and flowing which makes it ideal to slip in and out of. It is also a great dress to hide unwanted pounds and remove the focus away from your weight.

3. Lace Dresses

If you want to look truly ultra-feminine and elegant, then you need nothing other than a lace net dress or a skin net tunic. These dresses are the good guide to dress style & trend  and are popular everywhere—on Instagram, TikTok, and everywhere else. If you visit a restaurant, club or party, you will definitely find at least one fashionable girl drawing everyone’s attention in a cute lace dress.

The best lace dresses for girls feature bold colors and a highly flared design. But you can also buy them in a closer fit, which will make you really stand out. Lace dresses are the ideal thing to wear at weddings and formal parties.

4. Off-Shoulder Maxi Dresses

For daily wear, the maxi dress is perfect. Mostly made in cotton or a derived fabric, maxi dresses are the most functional type of dress you can wear while doing household chores, running errands, shopping or even visiting someone’s home. They generally extend from the neck to the ankles and are non-fussy, which means you don’t have to bother about them and can go about your work stress-free.

A more recent fashion trend 2022 is the off-shoulder design which adds a bit of spice to the traditional maxi dress. It is a good way to show off your shoulders and arms.

5. Peplum Dresses

A few years back, peplums were all the rage and you could spot them on blouses, tops and even on skirts. This year, the peplum has made a comeback on dressy girls clothing. Yes, the peplum dress is a great design for girls as it is the most casual thing you can wear to college or university or simply when you want to have a cup of coffee with your girl gang.

This dress is the latest Pakistani fashion for girls as it features a strip of frilly fabric at the waist which makes it give off a fun vibe. For girls that have a slim waist, this can be a great way to add some volume to your figure.


There are many varieties of dresses yet to be explored. But this should give you a head start on which kinds of dresses are trending nowadays. Remember to give priority to personal comfort because when you feel comfortable you always look stylish.

By Shan Ali

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