Christmas and Cakes go hand in hand when it comes to celebrations of the festival. Christmas is incomplete without cakes specially plum cake, a type of cake containing rum or wine, honey, spices  along with dry fruits. The story of enjoying cakes on the eve of Christmas is a long standing one. Although the tradition of enjoying cakes started with plum porridge or pudding which later was modified as plum cake. The Christmas special cake has gained popularity because of its delicious mouth watering taste. However, the cakes are special to Christmas but people enjoy having them at any time of the year. One can easily get them on online cake delivery websites whenever they want to enjoy it. 

The story of recipe 

Initially the pudding contained oatmeal as the main ingredient, however, during the 16th century, it was removed and replaced by the ingredients like wheat flour, eggs and butter. Later the trend continued and so the English Christmas Cakes contained moist Zante Currants, Golden Raisins and raisins soaked in rum, wine, sherry, whiskey or brandy. The soaked raisins added more flavors to the plum cake. The rich people of that time used to bake it in ovens and from there onwards a baked pudding was served on the christmas eve to break the fast. Along with this the trend of decorating puddings with creams, chocolates and Christmas miniatures started. 

Different versions of Christmas cakes in different corners of the world

The traditional Christmas cake of Scotland was better known as Whisky Dundee as it has its origin in Dundee. The Scottish cake is made from Scotch whisky, currants, raisins and cherries. The cake is light and crumbly and is also low on fruits including dry fruits. Some people also add candied cherries and angelica to give green color to the cake. 

In Yorkshire, people enjoyed cake with fruits and cheese whereas in the United Kingdom Christmas cakes are served with Swiss rolls which is locally known as Yule log. The country has replaced its popular Twelfth night cake of the Victorian era with the Christmas cake and Yule log. 

In India, Christmas cakes are fruit cakes with different flavors among which Allahabadi cake is famous for its taste and texture. In India, rum is used majorly to soak raisins. The Sri Lankan version of Christmas cake has treacle, nutmeg, black pepper and cinnamon.  

Japan celebrates Christmas with a simple sponge cake with whipped cream, Christmas chocolates, strawberries and other Christmas special decorative pieces. The Christmas cake of Japan originated in Fujiya and was made popular by the Commercial district in Tokyo. The western style cake was the result of the waves of westernization that Japan was facing during that time. 

Similarly, the Christmas cake of the Philippines is a bright yellow pound cake with nuts soaked in brandy and mixed with a syrup of palm sugar and water. In France, Lebanon, Luxembourg, a Buche de Noel (Yule log cake) is the traditional Christmas cake. The Yule Log originated from the tradition of burning wooden logs for several days around Christmas, yule log contains no fruits. 

The list is never ending if we count on different varieties. Although every country has their version of Christmas cakes, the English recipe emerges as  the most prominent one among all. 

Related superstitions

The major superstition related to the Christmas cake is that people believed that adding coins to the cake or pudding will act as a good luck touch piece and so they decorated cakes with coins. They usually added 3d pieces or sixpences wrapped in a greaseproof paper pack. 

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