A lot of people believe that the mixture of tea and cheese seems a bit downright unappetizing. But a cheese tea producer will tell you that cheese tea tastes a lot better than it looks or sounds. More so, the name of this tea may cause your inquisitive mind to want to know more about this delicious Taiwanese tea.

Are you a cheese lover or you are thinking of one of the next best things to a great tea, then you may want to buy a cheese song tea? But, what exactly is Cheese tea, and what makes it so unique? Let’s find out.

What is Cheese Tea?

Cheese tea is another name for a cold tea, green or black, with or without milk. It is usually topped with a layer of cream cheese sprinkled with salt. Tea lovers agree that the cheese tea is a perfect blend of both cheese and milk, tasty and creamilicious.

What Makes Cheese Tea Different?

Unlike your regular foamy drink, cheese tea has a creamy topping that gives the drink a delicious taste and is usually served cold. Another beautiful thing about this drink is that it can be tweaked as per taste and preference. With the concept of cheese tea, there is a unique way of drinking and experiencing the unique taste of this blend.

How To Drink Cheese Tea

Cheese tea is best served cold and usually features green or black teas. To drink cheese tea, you will need to sip the tea through the lip of a cup or a special lid that will allow a little quantity of foam and tea to mix as you drink. It explains why cheese tea doesn’t require a straw, and specialty lids are made to take this drink out. Cheese tea should be enjoyed cold, without ice so that nothing hinders the sensation that comes with drinking it.

What is in Cheese Tea?

This special tea is made of three main ingredients and the first is the tea itself, which is black or green tea but can also be herbal tisanes or oolong. The second main component is the cheese, which can either be in a cream or powder form. Finally, cheese tea contains a little quantity of salt that you can sprinkle to give it a savory flavor that plays against the creamy sweetness of the earthy nature of the tea.

Buying and Storing Cheese Tea

The only way to get this tea is to buy a cheese song tea from a specialty tea shop or to make the beverage at home. It isn’t the same as the normal instant milk tea you find in various grocery stores, so it may be best for you to buy one instead.


If you are wondering where you can buy fruit tea near me, you may also want to go for a cheese tea. It would be great to experience a refreshing taste of creamy cheese in a cold serving. With the nature of this tea, you can decide to tweak it to your taste too.

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