Why is it important to solve the GATE question paper from previous years? Does solving these help you in any way? It sure does. GATE is one of the most sought after and competitive exams conducted in India. If you are an aspirant, then you might wonder what the papers are actually going to be like. Previous years’ papers can help you with that. 

But why is it so important to solve these papers if you already have mock tests, practice papers, sample papers, etc.? In this article, we will discuss why. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

Haven’t we all heard the saying “practice makes perfect”? So the more you practice something, the better you will be at it. This very same rule applies to your exams’ preparations. When you solve question papers from previous years, you solve the same type of problems repeatedly. This way, you get familiar with the formulas and concepts revolving around the problem. It enables candidates to easily solve the same problem or similar kinds of problems. It also helps you brainstorm in the right direction whenever you encounter a tricky, twisted, or difficult question? 

Easy Revision Method 

When you solve the GATE 2020 question paper or any other paper from previous years, it helps you recollect the syllabus at ease. Thus, it does not matter how much a student thinks they have learned, unless they actually practice it, they won’t have an idea of how much of the syllabus they have grasped and retained. Remember that retention is vital to performing well. Covering the entire syllabus would surely boost your confidence, but how would you know if you remember everything that might occur in the exams? Thus, the previous year’s papers here will give students an idea of how much you have retained and how far ahead you still have to go. 


Another reason why one must opt to solve previous year’s question papers is that they get to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses. Thus, when they find solving a question challenging, it would indicate that they might only have memorised the solution- not understood the concept or approach to solve similar questions. It also helps track your current understanding of the tiniest concepts. You can then clarify these by checking the GATE full form and the difference between articles. 

Timing Yourself 

You can be sure about solving all the questions in the exam because your preparation is tight! But how do you know if your speed is enough to cover all the questions on time? If you miss the opportunity to solve all the questions from the previous year’s question papers, then you will definitely miss out on some questions in the actual examination. Mind that it will not only affect your score but will have a direct impact on your time management skills and overall performance whilst the exams. Solving papers from the previous years helps you avoid these afore-mentioned issues. For example, if you solve one GATE question paper in two hours in the first attempt, then you will most likely finish off the same in less than two hours the next time you attempt it. 

Learning the Exam Pattern 

A student can solve sample papers and mock tests, but every source might come up with somewhat different patterns of questions. The best way to understand the actual pattern, difficulty level, and types of questions asked, one must try to go through and solve the previous years’ papers. From pattern to question trends- you will get a blueprint of everything. You will know how many questions are asked and which portion of your syllabus is important. Thus, you will get a solid idea of everything. 

Which Years To Focus On? 

It is not advisable to check question papers from every year you can. It makes no sense to solve the ones that date back to 10+ years, for instance. The syllabus might be outdated, the pattern of questions might be very different, and the overall question paper might be very different from what you must be solving. In this case, you must solve: 

  • GATE 2022 Question Paper 
  • GATE 2021 Question Paper 
  • GATE 2020 Question Paper 
  • GATE 2019 Question Paper 
  • GATE 2018 Question Paper 

Final Words of Advice 

We hope that now you know the benefits and the importance of solving the previous year’s question papers. We suggest that you go through every years’ question papers. Try to solve mock tests and sample papers as well to ensure that you don’t memorise the questions and fill in the answers like a robot. Remember that you have to create your own route for success. Work hard, and crack your exams with flying colours! 

Good luck! 

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