Are they worth the money? What makes a laptop cheap or expensive? For me, finding cheap laptops under $100 can be quite challenging. Tasked to find one for your cousin’s birthday present it is surprising how difficult it really is. You may research for days on ‘affordable laptops’ but you are always left with the same result: HP, Dell, Acer, etc. However if you expand your search  to cheap laptops, suddenly you find yourself drowning in different brands and models. Are all cheap laptops worth the money Read More Best Laptop With Thunderbolt 3

Cheap laptops are available in almost every brand. You will be surprised to know that some of these brands are quite popular with their affordable products. Brands like Toshiba offer cheap laptop computers that cost only $199 which is significantly lower than its competitors who usually sell for over $300-400 or more. But is it really worth your hard-earned money?

When purchasing a cheap laptop make sure you check if the model has good customer reviews (if possible try to get feedback from someone who already bought this particular product) and do not get tricked into buying something that looks like what you want but does not offer what you need (for example if you need a laptop to use as a word processor avoid those laptops that have minimal storage space).

Finally, do not look only at the price tag when shopping for affordable laptops. For instance, buying an Acer Aspire One netbook (10-inch screen) only costs $199, but it is too limited in memory capacity and has poor features. It can handle daily tasks like internet surfing or word processing but cannot compare with higher priced models with improved capabilities (storage space, speed, etc.).

The most important thing to consider when selecting cheap laptops are the specifications of the model. Make sure they meet your general needs instead of just focusing on price alone. You will save yourself from getting it because after all; the whole point of purchasing a laptop is to use it! You will not need it if you end up leaving it in its box under your bed.

So before you head out to the nearby mall or log onto your favorite online store, make sure that you set a budget and do some research on the type of laptop that interests you. The more information you gather the better able you are to determine which cheap laptops are worth buying and which are just another waste of time and money.

Are Chromebook Laptops Worth Buying?

One thing you cannot say about Chromebooks is that they are cheap laptops. Even the most affordable models can cost up to $100-150 which is a far cry from netbooks and even your average discounted laptop. But if price is not an issue and you want a laptop with the latest features located in one neat package, then buying a chromebook laptop makes sense!

A chromebook, like other laptops, comes in different brands but has similar specifications. The main difference between them are their operating systems. Comcast laptops come with Google’s Chrome OS while others run on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. Chromebooks are lightweight weighing only 3 pounds making it easy for users to hold them using just one hand (for students who carry lots of books, this is a welcome weight loss). Some models also have the ability to convert from laptop mode to tablet mode for convenient scrolling. The best part? These chromebooks are available at affordable prices!

Another advantage of buying chromebook laptops is that they come with cloud storage capabilities. This means your files are automatically saved online so you can access them anytime no matter where you are without having to carry extra flash drives. If you need more space just connect it to Google Drive which offers 15GB free cloud storage.

The only downside of Google Chromebook laptops would be their limited applications or apps. Comparing it to other laptops, this product does not have much in terms of features and customization options although there are several free Chrome OS apps available for download. If you are not much of a techie or do not intend to take advantage of all the added features, then this laptop is still worth purchasing.


Laptops, even the cheapest ones, have been around for so long that manufacturers have been able to come up with improved versions. For instance, refurbished laptops have larger storage space while chromebooks can be operated using just one hand. There are also models specifically designed for business professionals and kids making it a buyer’s market when it comes to laptop choices.

So before you go out to buy your next laptop, take into account everything mentioned in this article including price range and specifications. Do not forget that there is no such thing as a perfect laptop but only those which meet our personal needs whether it’s entertainment or productivity oriented. So choose wisely and get the best value for your money!

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