You must maintain your HVAC system if you want your house to be comfortable all year. Your unit will ultimately need to be replaced because it has an estimated lifespan just like the other components of your house do. Even though your unit is older, it generally just has a single-speed blower, which is less effective than more recent models. Due to advancements in HVAC systems, variable-speed HVAC units are growing in popularity.

The A/C Guy is a reputable HVAC maintenance expert, and we can advise you if changing to a variable speed HVAC unit is worthwhile.

Excellent for dehumidifying

Because a variable-speed HVAC system removes moisture from the air without consuming a lot of energy, you’ll notice that there is less humidity in your home when you have one. Additionally, it moves along steadily, which helps to keep the humidity levels within a reasonable range.

Greater Efficiency in Energy

A single-speed HVAC system will operate at full capacity to maintain a constant temperature in your home. When it reaches the desired temperature, it will turn off and then come back on at full power for the remainder of the day. A variable-speed HVAC system will be different in this regard. When it is controlling the temperature in your home, you can switch between the settings. Additionally, because it does not operate continuously at full power, energy efficiency is improved.

Turn to Ace Comfort if you want a high-quality HVAC system for your house. In addition to setting up your appliance, we are qualified and equipped to handle all of your cooling and heating needs. Call us right now.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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