Certified translation services Singapore

Official documents that require legal recognition must have their translations verified in order to be accepted. Records such as academic transcripts, certificates of birth and marriage, and marriage licenses are examples of such records. Locating a certified translation provider that is both reliable and accurate can be challenging. Lingua Technologies is able to provide assistance in this matter. Lingua Technologies, which is headquartered in Singapore and is the market leader in the translation sector there, offers certified translation services Singapore of the best possible quality that are recognized by authorities and organizations that are affiliated with the government. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of utilizing certified translation services provided by Lingua Technologies and provide information regarding the certification process.

Certified translation services Singapore
Certified translation services Singapore


Using Lingua Technologies’ Certified Translation Services has many advantages, including the following:

Accuracy: Given the frequency with which certified translations are used for official and legal purposes, it is imperative that they be extremely accurate. Lingua Technologies will only hire qualified translators who are fluent in the target language and who are native speakers of that language. Because of this, you can rest assured that the translations are accurate and devoid of errors.


Lingua Technologies’ certified translations are accepted by governmental organizations and authorities since they have been notarized in addition to being certified. They provide a certification stamp that can be used as evidence that the translation is accurate. Their translations can also be notarized, which provides an additional layer of authentication for the documents.

Lingua Technologies understands the importance of meeting deadlines and guarantees a quick turnaround on any work. Their translators work together effectively in order to meet the deadlines that have been established. Because of this, customers are able to continue with their programs as they had originally intended.

Price Points That Are Reasonable Lingua Technology provides pricing that is not only affordable but also transparent. There are no additional expenses; the pricing of their services is based on the number of words contained in the document. Customers are able to accurately budget for the cost of their translation needs as a result of this.

Having a Solid Knowledge of the Certification Process A certified translation will always have a certification mark that verifies the translation’s precision. In Singapore, there are two sorts of certification stamps available to choose from: one is a translation firm certification stamp, and the other is a notary public certification stamp.

The certification stamp from the translation firm, which is granted by the translation firm, is recognized and respected by the vast majority of governmental organizations and agencies. When a document is issued with a notary public certification stamp, this adds an additional layer of authentication that can be provided by a public notary.

In order to obtain a certified translation, customers are required to provide the translation agency with the document in its original format. After that, the document will be translated by the translation agency, which will also affix a certification stamp after finishing the translation. After that, the client can provide the certified translation to the relevant authorities if they so choose.

Certified translations that are accurate and trustworthy are an absolute necessity for official documents that need to be acknowledged legally. Lingua Technologies is trusted by government organizations and authorities due to the excellent quality of the Certified translation services Singapore that are given. Lingua Technologies is the go-to service for customers seeking precise and verified translations as a result of the team of skilled translators, short turnaround times, and fair pricing offered by the company. Notarization of their translations is also an option, which provides still another layer of proof to the process. Get in touch with Lingua Technologies as soon as possible regarding your requirements for certified translation.

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