Are you considering whether to gift your loved one an abaya or get one for yourself this Ramadan? An abaya from Al-Maryum might be the perfect gift for them. While there is no perfect gift, our abayas are versatile, made of high-quality fabrics, and custom sizing to meet global design standards to exceed your expectations.

Al-Maryum is among the leading modest fashion brands in Dubai. We have created fashionable abayas that will meet every woman’s preferences and likings. We have a wide variety of designs to choose from. Our abayas are skillfully designed to ensure you stand out and make a fashion statement on every occasion. Here are some of our top picks that will make the perfect fit for this Ramadan.

The Classic Abaya

The classic abaya is a staple for a lot of women in the Arab world. We have a variety of black abayas that come in different designs and fabrics. You can never go wrong with a black abaya for any occasion. On top of that, a black abaya is pretty easy to style.

Here is a look at some of the classic abayas you can shop on our website.

The Black Diamond Abaya

A black abaya is one of the most effortless looks to pull off while remaining effortlessly classy. Our black diamond abaya is made of satin fabric, giving it a perfect flow. It is fitted with black stones at the front and beautiful organza fabric on the sleeves. We can add a snap button at the cuffs or the border at no extra cost upon request.

Mona Abaya

The Mona Abaya is a black collared abaya designed with folded sleeve for an extra touch of class. It is an excellent addition to your Ramadan wardrobe or a gift to your loved one. You can also add a snap button on the border and the cuffs if you want to. We will add the buttons at no extra cost.

The Hala Abaya

Similar to the Mona Abaya, the Hala Abaya is also collard. However, it is made of Jacquard fabric and comes with folded sleeves for that extra touch of class. The Hala abaya has an open front making it the perfect layering item with your favourite pants or dress. It also comes with a sheila; you can request a button at the cuffs or border at no extra cost.

The Hareem Abaya

The Hareem Abaya is an intricate black abaya designed with an embroidery pattern or folded sleeves. It is a perfect addition to your Ramadan outfits and a gift idea for your loved one this festive season. It is made with an open front making it easy to style with any outfit you wear for the Ramadan festivities.

H2: Colored Abayas

More women are moving from the classic black abayas and preferring to don colored abayas instead to express their style and fashion sense. Colored abayas come in many colors, designs and fabrics, making them the ideal choice to add to your Ramadan wardrobe.

Here is a look at some of the colored Abayas available at Al-Maryum:

The Farah Abaya

This kaftan-style abaya is designed with intricate sleeves, making it perfect for all the Ramadan festivities. The Farah Abaya is made of crinkle silk fabric, giving it an exquisite look. For a sophisticated, elegant Ramadan look, you can layer this abaya with your favorite wide-legged pants or maxi dress.

The Jade Abaya

The Jade Abaya is a beautiful abaya designed with a classic sleeve cut. These sleeves have chic cuff links making them the perfect fit for any occasion, including Ramadan festivities. For that sophisticated look, you can pair it with your favorite designer handbag and heels to make a fashion statement.

The Sara Abaya

Made from a shimmer fabric and crystal beads on the folded sleeves, the Sara Abaya is the perfect fit for the evening events you are invited to during Ramadan. The shimmering fabric will make you stand out in the night lights giving you a beautiful glow. You can also have snap buttons added to the cuffs and borders for free.

Al-Maryum is among the leading modest fashion brands in the UAE. Check out our website to choose from the wide variety of abayas available. We are sure you will not miss something that matches your style and preferences.


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