Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection

In animal studies, Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection was associated with embryofetal toxicity. It increased the rate of resorptions, peri-implantation loss, and incomplete ossification at multiple fetal sites. While its therapeutic potential is unknown, it is important to discuss the possible risks to the fetus with the patient. This medication is not recommended for use during pregnancy. All pregnancies come with some level of background risk, so it is important to discuss any contraindications with the patient.

Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection in India

Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection
Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection

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When it comes to ordering Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection in India, there are several different factors that you need to keep in mind. These include the cost and the type of drug that you need. The cost of the drug will depend on whether it’s a brand-name or generic medicine.

Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection is a semi-synthetic lipopeptide suspension that is available for intravenous infusion. Its active ingredient is caspofungin, which belongs to the class of antifungal drugs called echinocandins. The antifungal activity of caspofungin acetate is a result of its ability to inhibit the enzyme (1-3)-b-D-glucan synthase. It also disrupts the structure of the fungal cell wall.

Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection is a medication used to treat serious fungal infections. This medication is often prescribed when other treatments have failed. This medication is an effective treatment for many types of fungal infections, including invasive aspergillosis. The drug is injected into a vein under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional. It is administered slowly over the course of an hour, and the dosage varies based on the type of infection being treated.

Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection benefits

Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection benefits include the reduction in the number of fungus-causing bacteria. This medication has fungicidal activity against Candida species and antifungal activity against Aspergillus species. Its pharmacokinetics are triphasic and nonlinear, with rapid decreases in plasma concentrations and gradual re-release from extravascular tissues. The drug undergoes slow hepatic metabolism, including hydrolysis and N-acetylation. In the case of severe hepatic impairment, a dose reduction is recommended.

One study evaluated the efficacy of Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection in pediatric patients. It was shown to be effective in treating candidemia and other types of Candida infections, as well as in the treatment of invasive aspergillosis. The study showed that caspofungin Acetate Injection has a low toxicity profile. However, caspofungin should not be used in patients who have known hypersensitivity to echinocandins.

CANCIDAS is approved for treatment of esophageal candidiasis in adults and pediatric patients. However, it has not been studied in patients with oropharyngeal candidiasis. Moreover, it has not been studied in pediatric patients with severe hepatic impairment.


The efficacy, safety, and tolerability of Casfulon Caspofungin acetate injection was evaluated in a non-comparative, open-label study of 69 patients with invasive aspergillosis. The primary outcome measure was clinical response, which was defined as complete resolution of all signs and symptoms and clinically meaningful improvement on radiographic evaluation. Patients in the study had to have failed or become intolerant to previous antifungal therapies.

The low clinical efficacy may have resulted from the drug’s lack of systemic distribution. However, the new formulation has shown a significant increase in deposition. The inhaled drug concentrations were three times higher than the level approved for IV administration. Moreover, the high-dose group achieved a 60% response rate compared to the standard-dose group, which achieved a 44% favorable response rate. However, the high-dose group had a high incidence of liver toxicity. In contrast, patients in the standard-dose group did not experience liver enzyme abnormalities.

Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection is available in two different formulations: the 50-mg and 70-mg formulations. Casfulon Caspofungin Acetate Injection is a white to off-white powder that is lyophilized. The vials are marked with an orange cap and a yellow band. The drug is not stable in diluents containing dextrose.

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