Buying Nail Art Brushes Online - Becoming Your Nail Artist

Online shopping is more popular today than ever. Buying Nail art brushes in UK online comes with many advantages but probably the most notable one is convenience. Considering that life has become most hectic these days the ability to find anything and everything you need for your Nail Art Projects. You would no longer need to make the trek to your nearest cosmetic store, where it is difficult to find a variety of brushes and nail art tools in one place.

Benefits of Buying Nail Art Brushes Online

Everything is In Sight

Buying things online allows you to know what types of Nail art brushes are available. You can look through them while you are comfortably sitting on your couch or lying down in your bed. Other than this you can research the spot easily.

You Can Easily See Hard To Find Items

If you are looking for a specific nail art brush but it is nowhere available. There are certain websites and apps available that can sort through the websites and online stores and show you where the product that you are looking for is available

Buying Online Allows You To Compare

If you are not able to decide, whether to buy a skinny stripper in long, medium or short length, well then some websites can allow you to compare and contrast the products you have shortly listed

A Guide to Nail Art Brushes

Creating Nail Art requires using the correct tools, and a set of Nail Art Brushes is a great place to start. But with the large variety of shapes and sizes that the brushes come in, it is hard to decide which brush will create the perfect design for you. Here is a guide to help you decide which nail art brush to buy in the UK

The Detail Brush

This brush is used to make small details like geometrical shapes and patterns, often to create letterings and outlining. This brush can be your DIY bestie as its shorter, stiffer, bristles of the brush offer greater control for the precise detail work. Buying this brush would be like reaching for a great multi-tasker all the time!

The Stripper Brush

As it says in the name, it stripes! This brush can help you create a great marbling effect, Plaid and amazing geometric patterns, and cute little animal prints, now who wouldn’t love that?

The Skinny Brush

This brush has longer bristles than the stripper brush. The long bristles help minimize the shakiness which helps to create smooth and straight lines.

The Square Brush

This brush is great for making one-stroke designs for example the all-time favorite flower designs. Since it has a square shape, it can be used for wide bands of color and color blending for a gradient effect.

On The Edge

The flat edge of this brush makes it perfect for precise one-stroke floral designs.

Angled Brush

This brush helps make crisp french lines and one-stroke designs. This brush can be used as a multitasker and can be used to clean excess polish from cuticles or sidewalls.

Round Brush

This brush is mainly used to create flower petals.

Petal Pusher

Trying using this brush to quickly lay down some loose flower petals and then go back in with a detail brush to outline and give them dimension

Fan Brush

This Brush has a wispy or feathered effect. It is used to apply glitter or pigment. It helps save a lot of time and can quickly and easily create horizontal lines across the nail. Just load up the brush and drag it from one side o the nail to the other.

Pointed Brush

This brush has a rocket-type shape. This brush can create wide stripes, petals, and Baroque-style flourishes. Start with more pressure on the tip of this brush, and then gently ease up as you it to create a teardrop shape.

The Dotting Tool

The dotting tool is one of the most popular tools as it helps creates the fastest and the most perfect polka dots.

The Things You Can Create

This tool can be used to create polka dots, leopard prints, scalloped edges, and fast florals.

This tool comes in many sizes so it can help create prints you like on all of your ten fingers and ten toes easily.

Now that we have talked about all the types of Nail art brushes you can find while online shopping, now we can talk about what to look for when you are buying nail art brushes online

What to look for when you are buying Nail Art Brushes Online

Brush Shape

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a nail art brush is its shape. You can achieve completely different nail art styles just by changing the brush that you use. A striper brush is long and thin and helps to achieve straight lines, while a short detailer brush allows you to get in and shape the tiniest with precision.


There is a wide range of quality in the nail art brush market. Some sets include 20 brushes for just a few pounds while others can cost more. When you are just starting, it is OK to grab one of the value sets. However, when you start getting more serious about nail art, it may be worth it, and it may even be worth it to spring for a price set


Nail Art brushes can come with natural or synthetic bristles, and there is a range of quality in both. Many nail art brushes today are produced with high-quality bristles that are considered vegan and cruelty-free, as well as acetone resistant and durable.

In Conclusion

These are some of the features when shopping for Nail Art Brushes Online in the UK. Many brushes come in color codes to help you distinguish. At Cally Cosmetics, you will be able to find the best variety of Nail Art Brushes

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