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Dabs may not be the newest trend in the market, but they are indeed popular. There are a few other terms associated with dabs, such as honeycomb, wax, budder, etc.; whatever the name you hear, the product is the same. In most straightforward words, Dab is highly concentrated hash oil. Dabbing needs proper chemical reactions to release the THC, so dab boxes should have good seals so that no unnecessary external factor destroys the product. It won’t hurt to drop in an interesting fact about dabs, and it is proved to be around four times stronger than regular cannabis.

Connect and stay connected

You have your product ready to hit the market, but you don’t exactly have a plan for what comes next. Most businesses drop flat because they do not market their brand to the right audience through proper channels. It is vital to make your target customers hear and know your product. If they are familiar with your brand, they will prefer your product over other unfamiliar boxes. Once you have their attention, the next step is even more challenging. You have to grab that attention and keep it hooked to your product, so the customer stays loyal. Building a business is a lot harder and requires extra effort to hold ground in the market.

How to pack Dab?

If you are in the business, you already know that it is a tricky product to pack. The dab packaging needs to be secure, so the moisture has no chance of creeping in the box and ruining the mix. Mostly, dab sellers use silicon or glass containers to safe keep their product inside the cardboard packing and off course, a sealing sheet on top. Both silicon and glass are excellent for keeping the moisture out if worst comes to worst.

We are mentioning packing in this blog because of the weight it carries in converting potential buyers to definite customers. It is vital to seal the Dab perfectly, so the product reaches the customer in top form. Because otherwise, your Dab will not pass the word of mouth stage of marketing.


Since we have established the fundamentals of a good packaging job, you might or rather should think about stepping ahead and customizing your product box. Use custom dab boxes to increase sales and put in a word in the market that you are in business. Customizing packaging boxes is becoming more of a need than a choice. It brings a personal element to the product. It helps your customer recognize your product among aisles filled with similar items.

By customizing the soap boxesyou are giving your Dab its own identity. You show the customer that you own this product, and if they are not satisfied, they can always reach you. Isn’t that something? Simple as putting a name on a box, and people will start trusting your product. We will take the liberty to give another piece of suggestion while we are at it, make your custom packing attractive. Trust us; pretty faces attract more attention; the same goes for boxes.

Power through social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., are the fastest and most effective ways to reach your buyers. Today, everyone owns a smartphone and a laptop. We are all connected. There is the real world, and then there is virtual presence. Online existence is pretty much a way of life now. Come to think of it; we can do everything and be anything by clicking online.

Almost every company is using the power of social media to its advantage. They are smart. You should think on the same lines and showcase the dab packaging. Connecting with your customers online gives them easy access to you and your product. Post stories and posts about your products. Offer discounts, and in microseconds, your followers will know what you are offering. Social media is fast, efficient, and too damn productive.


No one thought that someone could reach such heights of fame by posting their pictures and experiences online. Thanks to the internet, people earn their living and live their best lives, only showing the world their talent through social media sites. Influencers have power over their followers. More the number of followers, more opportunities come knocking at your door.

Business owners use the power of these influencers to their benefit by sending PR packages or custom cardboard boxes in your case. The social media star gives in a good word about the brand or the product, and surprisingly people come into your social address. People trust influencers because they are regular people, just like the followers.

Email marketing

One direct way to reach out to your customers is email marketing. Just like in older times, we used to throw flyers and brochures. Now it is easier than you only have to send an email directed towards your audience. You can find soft wares online, which help you address your potential customers by their names.

Create and Post Videos

You can even create video tutorials and unboxing of your custom dab boxesIt will help your customers see what they are buying.

By Junaid Awan

Junaid Awan is a well-known name in the blogging and SEO industry. He is known for his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, and has helped numerous businesses and individuals to improve their online visibility and traffic. He writes on business, technology, finance, marketing, and cryptocurrency related trends. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others to grow their online businesses.

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