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Today, if you are reading this blog then you must be keen to know about vacation ownership or about Bluegreen owner login and if the answer is yes, then you have landed at the right place as in this blog we are going to talk and discuss the same. 

Vacation ownership market – Get to know it

Vacation ownership market

The market of vacation ownership has been predicted to expand faster than the average speed because of the changing customer holiday tastes, the increase in international visitors, along with the rise in the number of people with high net worth. 

The demand for accommodation of timeshares has also increased rapidly with the travel and tourism sector and there is a number of timeshare accommodation exchange companies that have recently entered the market. 

Customers can now switch their vacation lodging with another lodging of another owner of the timeshare in a different location and for this, all thanks is to the exchange organization. 

Key trends of the vacation ownership market 

The global vacation ownership market is seen to be growing owing to rising due to the evident growth in the vacation industry. Growth in focus on health and wellness, increasing trend of business travels, rising disposable income, the rising popularity of tourist places, and the increase in the adoption of point-based vacation. 

The market is seen to be driven by factors which consist of growth of internet penetration, increasing internet usage, rise in international travel, rapid urbanization as well as improving growth in economics. 

Category wise vacation ownership market 

By type, the vacation ownership market is divided as – 

Fixed week 

Floating week 

Points based system 

By tour type, the vacation ownership market is divided as – 



By tourist type, the vacation ownership market is divided as – 

Independent traveler 

Tour group 

Package traveler 

By booking channel, the vacation ownership market is divided as – 

Phone booking

Online booking 

In-person booking 

By customer orientation, the vacation ownership market is divided as – 




By age group, vacation ownership market is divided as – 

15-25 years 

26-35 years 

36-45 years 

46-55 years 

By region, the vacation ownership market is divided as – 

North America 

Latin America 


East Asia 

South Asia 



Countries that are covered by the vacation ownership market are as mentioned here in the blog – 

United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Italy, Benelux, Northern Africa GCC counties, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you have an account on the vacation ownership platform then you can access your account very easily by just going for blugreen login. For this login process, you must access the website of blue-green vacations and then you need to put in the login details of your account using which you can access your account on the platform. 

We believe that the information about blue-green vacations which we have offered to you in this blog has been of help and use to you and using this information you were able to add something new to your knowledge. 

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