Norwegian Forest Cat

The fluffy gorgeous cats are a breed indigenous to Norway which is where they were used as rats on Viking longships. They’re also known as “skogkatt,” which translates to “forest cat.” They are ideal for warmer climates as their double coat of insulation that is waterproof is adapted to the brutal Scandinavian winters. Arizona Birds

They sport the same tufted paws as well as a lavish tail similar to Maine Coons, but they have a shorter tail. Maine Coon, but a smaller, more triangular head and a more round nose distinguish them apart. Like that of the Maine Coon, however, the Norwegian Forest Cat is energetic and loving, however having a cat tree (the bigger , the more) is essential!


You may have seen this stunning black cat in social networks (its distinctive appearance is often similar to the actor Adam Driver). The Oriental’s big ears with a long face and prominent nose, long legs as well as its short coat create a distinct and elegant cat. They require plenty of attention and stimulation and will tell you (loudly) when they’re not receiving it. Orientals are very social and their curiosity will cause them to be interested in your activities. Are you aware the reason cats moo

Black cats need help from us

Did you have the knowledge that black cat breeds will be the ones most at risk of becoming abandoned and are the least likely to be adopted by shelters? It’s sad, but it’s the truth and there’s no reason to believe it. In the past the black cat has been associated with a myriad of legends, from good fortune and prosperity within Egyptian or Celtic folklore as well as evil spirits and bad luck within Continental Europe and North America.

The first American Pilgrims believed the black cat was witches’ companions, or even believed that they were demons! But on the other hand, sailors favored black cats as their cats on board because they were believed to bring luck. However, black cats have many more advantages than what superstition claims. The Cat Fanciers’ Organization recognizes the 22 breeds of a black cat with distinct characteristics and personalities. Some are affectionate, others can be quiet. However, a black cat deserves the perfect home for it. For more information on the different cat breeds, look up these big cats that you’ll want to snuggle with immediately.


The flat-nosed fluffballs listed above are one of the most sought-after Black cat breeds. Affectionate and gentle, Persian upkeep is not for the faint-hearted.Can Cat Eat Watermelon These gorgeous coats require frequent brushing? Persians don’t really respond to shows of acrobatics and jumping and prefer to relax in the sun. It’s more beautiful! A breed that is ancient The precise roots of the Persian cat is unknown to the past, however hieroglyphics are found dating in 1684 B.C. It is important to know these fascinating facts about cats.

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