Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds in 2022

Listening to your essential audio or favourite music track shouldn’t be just limited to wires. Wireless Bluetooth earbuds make the everyday audio experience much better with no fuss of cables. Regardless of wherever you are, a pair of wireless earphones can help you hear anything, anytime. You don’t have to depend on connecting your smartphone to proper wiring when it comes to wireless Bluetooth earbuds. And that is one of the biggest advantages we get with wireless headphones.   

Ever since the work industry revolutionized into a remote environment, earbuds have become more important than ever. You certainly need quality headphones for attending important meetings, hosting presentations, or coordinating with the teams. The benefit of wireless earbuds over regular earphones is simply related to easy handling and cable-free usage. While with wired headphones, the common trouble comes in with the wires getting affected, the Bluetooth wireless earphones never have that issue.  

Finding the best pair of earbuds with a massive variety available all around the tech market is never much easier. To make it relatively helpful for you, we have assembled the top four picks for wireless Bluetooth earphones for you.   

Enco X2 

OPPO Enco X2

OPPO Enco X2 is the latest OPPO earbuds to unleash the latest technology and advanced features including personalised sound solution. These earphones are created in coordination with DynAudio and come integrated with the active noise-cancellation feature. Users can choose between listening to clear-cut audio without hearing any background noise. Plus, the experience of a hi-fi speaker within the compact handsfree is almost like you are getting more than you imagined.   

Reportedly, OPPO took two years to include a personalised sound boost into these OPPO earbuds. Not only does it improve the audio quality but makes sure the sound output is accurate. When it comes to comparison, these earbuds come with 25% improved audio clarity, resulting in immersive sounds. Moreover, the 45dB noise cancellation is a total bliss without interruptions of situational noises. If you are fond of attending phone calls or meetings, the AI Voiceprint triple-setup microphone comes with no quality compromise. These earbuds also come with Bluetooth 5.1 technology, triple protection and fast charging.   

Sony WF-1000XM3 

Sony WF-1000XM3

The recently launched Sony WF-1000XM3 are redesigned just like their predecessor but there is an evident improvement. The difference in the latest design includes fewer hinges and a headband, making the overall earphones more comfortable. Although the material used in the earbuds is recycled plastic, the satin finish gives them a high-end look. A lot of features like noise-cancellation and better integration of mic have been introduced in this version. Hence, these earbuds are optimal for everyday amazing sound experience.  

Besides fine overall build quality, the performance of these Sony earbuds is not disappointing at all. The high and low-bass sounds of the earbuds come out decent enough. But the high sound bass is more impressive with crisp mixes and accurate vocals. These earphones also have automatic adaptive active noise cancellation that reduces the extra sounds without bothering. One of the most amazing features of the earbuds includes the 27-hour battery life. Users can unexplainably enjoy the wireless handsfree without peaking through the charge spot.   

Apple AirPods Pro

APPLE Airpods Pro

Who doesn’t love the name of Apple, especially with their wireless earbuds? Apple earbuds have been specifically popular owing to their smart features and audio accuracy. The Apple AirPods Pro doesn’t stay behind the league with some of the most impressive quality factors and design. These earbuds come with a stainless-steel headband that supports the anodized aluminium ear cushion. The design of these Bluetooth wireless headphones is kept way comfortable with the over-ear style. You wouldn’t need to slide in the earbuds repeatedly for the fitting, so the over-ear design is our personal favourite in this case.   

The Apple AirPods Pro makes sure to include active-noise cancellation with the automatic functioning. But the better part is you can additionally activate transparency mode here, which allows turning on and off the background noise. You can also enjoy a battery life of over 21 hours which is pleasantly amazing to have. You can be the one travelling more often, or always on the call conducting business meetings, this battery-lasting time is more than enough. The sound quality of the Apple Airpods Pro relates to the previous Apple earbuds, but the improved bass makes it a better deal. The only limitation of the Airpods comes with a particular usage of android phones. Some Android smartphones may not allow using these Apple earbuds. 

Enco Free2 

OPPO Free2

A pair of true wireless earbuds are supposed to perform more than just providing ambient sound experience. From having a good microphone to the extended battery and comfortable design, every element of earphones matters. This is where the OPPO Enco Free2 stand out with their triple-mic noise cancellation, effortless design, and long-lasting battery life. Just from the in-ear design along with the apt touch-control, these OPPO Earbuds easily make their way through the user’s heart.  

What is more good to have in the OPPO Enco Free2 is the tailor-made sound which means users can enjoy personalised sound experience. On top of that, the three-core chip included in the earbuds enables active-noise cancellation. The 42db ANC let the users enjoy seamless music and audio without external interruptions. The IP54 protection added to the earbuds provides water and dust resistance safety. Even if you’d like to enjoy swimming or play soccer in a dusty room, you wouldn’t need to worry. Additionally, the earbuds support a battery backpack of up to 30 hours, making them good enough for a long day.   

Bottom Line 

The best sound quality is never limited to a typical headset. You can definitely spread your hands on to multiple options in the advancing mobile tech industry. The best wireless Bluetooth earbuds need a careful selection as they may be your everyday tech partner. The aforementioned wireless earphones are validated for immersive sound quality and great overall performance. If you have already chosen one of these, we’d like to congratulate you in advance!

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