Web cameras are designed to capture and transmit real-time images and videos over the internet. These cameras function upon their connection with a computer or a laptop via a USB cable port. The primary task of Web cameras is to capture footage of the user and the surrounding. Web cameras are usually used for safety check-out at houses, buildings, stores, jewelry shops, etc. Web cameras also are used to record videos for video creation purposes.

Features of a web camera- 

The demand for web cameras has increased in recent years. This has boosted the market of web cameras, giving rise to many different webcam companies and models. Users can check the features of individual models and get the one that suits their purpose. Here is a list of the best features of web cameras

1) Video resolution-

Webcams offer various models with different video or image resolutions. 720p, 108p, or 4k Ultra HD are some of the common resolution webcams in the market. The higher the resolution, the sharper and clearer the video and image quality.

2) Frame Rate-

The number of video frames per second is referred to as the frame rate. Usually, 30 fps or 60 fps web cameras are available. The wider the frame rate, the smoother the video playback will function.

3) Autofocus-

Autofocus in web cameras allows the camera to focus over any displayed or surrounded object, no matter how far or how close the object is from the camera. Autofocus results in getting images of higher pixels and a clear and sharp object image.

4) Low-light performance-

Web cameras have a feature that lets them capture and detect objects even during low-light conditions. This technical feature includes larger sensors, low-light correction, enhanced sensitivity, and allows to capture clear-quality images and videos.

5) Field of view-

This feature refers to the angle coverage by the webcam. The wider the FOV, the larger the area of surveillance covered.

Is Logitech C920 better or Logitech C922 Pro?

The professional Logitech C922 Pro is the upgraded version of the Logitech C920. Both webcam models offer the same features, with the upgraded version including some key enhancements. Here is a key comparison between the 2-

1) Video Quality-

Both the cameras support 1080p and 720p resolution with 30fps and 60 fps.

2) Autofocus-

Both webcams have similar autofocus features. The Logitech C922 Pro is claimed to have better autofocus, although in real-life, both execute similarly.

3) Low-light performance- 

The Logitech C922 pro webcam uses advanced technologies and an upgraded sensor, generating better results even during dim light conditions.

4) Background replacement- 

The background replacement feature is unavailable in the Logitech C920 model. In contrast, it is present in the C922 pro model.

5) Price- 

Being an upgraded model, the Logitech C922 Pro model costs slightly more than the C920 model.


If you’re looking for an affordable and budget-friendly webcam, you can choose the one that satisfies your need and has the required features. If you want to install these webcams for security purposes, purchase the upgraded model.

source –  https://nboxoffice.com/best-web-cameras-for-multi-purpose/

By Russell Crowe

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