It was not too long ago that owning a refrigerator was considered a symbol of opulence. There were limited brands and standard products. The motto was simple that if you could afford it, then you could buy from the handful of options available. However, with the rising affordability and popularity of refrigerators, they quickly became a staple household appliance. Now, it became a buyer’s market and the brands had to keep coming up with innovative ideas to keep the consumer interested. 

Today, double door fridges have become very popular. In fact, it is common to come across three-door, bottom-mounted or French door fridges as well. These latest LG double door refrigerators are some of the best selling ones in their category. A few of the main reasons that can be cited for this popularity are superior technology, sleek design, vibrant colours and attractive artwork patterns, a wide and robust customer service network etc. 

It is the perfect time to upgrade to a brand new LG double door fridge. In this article, we will provide a few helpful tips, especially for first-time users, for making the best use of their new or existing LG double door fridges.


Feature: Smart Inverter Technology

Tips: Due to their advanced cooling systems, most LG double door fridges provide inverter technology in-built. It is important for you to make a note of this feature since it provides you savings in your electricity bills by reducing power consumption. Using the inverter technology, the fridge is able to adjust its cooling based on the load and amount of food items stored in it.

It also provides different levels of cooling for the freezer and main fridge areas. Another benefit offered by this technology is that it significantly reduces the running noise commonly found in single door fridges, usually made by the compressor.


Feature: Frost Free Technology

Tips: While most LG double door fridges come with frost-free technology by default, it is still advisable to ensure this feature while buying your fridge online. The chief purpose of this feature is automatically cleaning the freezer area. It does not allow any ice to accumulate, thus eliminating the need for manual cleaning which is time-consuming and can be messy. 


Feature: Storage and Capacity

Tips: Top double door refrigerators are known to have higher capacity than most single door fridges. While buying a new fridge online, this should be one of your foremost considerations, based on your family size. A general consensus is that 200-250 L is sufficient for a family of 3. 250-300 L is ideal for a family of 4 members and so on. Due to larger capacities, double door fridges also occupy more space than single door ones. So keep the space in your home and the needs of your family in mind while choosing the storage capacity. 


Feature: Energy Efficiency Rating

Tips: Since they are always operational, fridges are a big source of your monthly power consumption. Double door fridges, being larger in size and capacity, tend to consume more electricity than the smaller single door ones. On the other hand, since there are separate doors for the freezer and the main fridge, the opening and closing are usually less frequent than in a single door model. 

This frequent opening and closing are chiefly responsible for decreasing the fridge temperature and making the compressor do extra work to bring it back to the right level. Do note the energy efficiency rating of your fridge, as it determines your expected savings. The higher the star rating, the more efficient the device. Higher star ratings may also imply a higher purchase cost, but the cost can be quickly offset due to lower running costs. click here


Feature: Shelves Types

Tips: LG double door fridges are renowned for their designs, both on the outside and the inside. Prefer options with toughened glass shelves. They are sturdy and provide stable support as compared to the traditional grill type shelves. 

They are easier to clean as well. Moreover, understand the other shelf options like height adjustability, slidable racks, removable components when not in use etc. All these features put together can make your fridge better organized and ensure even cooling to all areas.

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