best time to visit greece and turkey

Enjoy holidays in Greece and turkey sites with your friends, family, and partner. The best time to visit Greece and turkey is the month of May, August and september because in these months you can experience many things without any hurdles and explore many activities, tasty dishes and much more stuff in roaming routes’ s Greece and Turkey Packages.

Best time to visit Greece

Greece is a beautiful palace for a holiday tour with your family and friends. Many Greece sites look very attractive and enjoyed thoroughly in these seasons, during this time there are many festivals as well as occasions you can experience.

Different festivals in Greece

At the time of June – august, the Athens & Epidaurus festival occurs. The complete fun celebrations consist of opera music, dance, and derma theatres at the odeon of Herodes Atticus beneath the acropolis in Athens; these festivals are also held in January. Sometime between 6-26 June Miaoulia festival occurs, which is the show of beautiful fireworks. On 10 July the Nafplion festival shows classical music from Greece.

From July to September, many festivals start with the Olympus Festival, which also shows music, dance, and drama theatre at the site of the ancient Olympics. Then on 11 August Molyvos International Music Festival is an excellent music and theatre performance. On 5 September Armata Festival shows battles and exciting fireworks, giving the best life experience. On 28 September there is a great festival called the Athens International Film festival.

At the time of October to December, there are fewer festivals. Still, all are famous festivals of Ohi day, which represents the history of Greece people when they all say “no” against Mussolini. Then on 13 November Athens marathon is the great festival and the last Greece festival of the year; it is the festival of celebration, music, and dance.

In Greece, there are many types of festivals, but some are special for Greece people and also for Greece. Many tourist attractions only open during this time.

Best time to visit Turkey

Turkey is the best place for holidays; who likes Turkish culture and a little bit of Greek culture. Turkey is the 37th largest country worldwide because of its size. It is located near Greece that’s why the food, places culture and fashion style. In some areas, the temperature is freezing at a specific time; most places are closed. During summer, the tourist attraction becomes very famous, mainly because of Turkey’s beaches.

Different festivals in turkey

Turkey delivers culture through its festivals. Izmir World Fair is one of the best festivals in turkey, held in early December. It is a Social & musical type of event that consists of other fun full rides and music theatres. It is a completely fun activity which tourists love most.


It is the most famous festival in turkey in which Muslims leave drinking water, taboo, food & having sexual content for the whole month. Muslims fast till sunset, and many restaurants and famous sites remain closed.

Kadir Gecesi

The festival related to Ramadan is celebrated on the eve of power when Mohammed received koran from Kristus, which takes place between the 27th and 28th times of the month of Ramadan. It is a great festival which tourists love a lot.

Folk dance festival

It is one of the most famous festivals in Turkey; it is a cultural festival and is most fascinating in cities & resorts. It gives the best chance to see turkey’s best dance troupes execute diverse repertoires of Turkish dances in traditional costumes. Last year this became one of the best festivals in turkey.

Music Festival

This festival is one of the best tourist attractions in Turkey. It is a famous musical station in turkey’s gumusluk area; the bulk of the festival starts on 5 September. Still, some classical events are held in July, August, and September. It is an excellent turkey music show representing that place’s culture and the enthusiasm of the people of turkey.


Greece is the best place for a holiday or honeymoon. If you are planning to visit Greece and turkey, you have to take care of some criteria that you will explore more than others. Turkey and Greece are among the best tourist attractions worldwide, and you can experience these all in one package provided by Roaming Routes.

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