What Is SIM SO DEP ?

Sim So Dep  is very popular platform which provides a cheap and beautiful sim numbers.Lovely computerized sims are sent off by numerous transporters in the market so clients have more options for themselves. Because of having exceptional implications and values, this line of sims is progressively liked.

What Is Beautiful Numbers ?

There will be a wide range of feelings about beautiful sim numbers . To lay it out plainly, a wonderful computerized sim is a line of sims whose last numbers are logically organized to make congruity. Or then again the numbers are organized to address an extraordinary significance. As a rule, they are isolated into 3 primary gatherings as follows:

Individual Values: The numbers are arranged constantly of birth or the date of birth of the proprietor or relatives. These can likewise be numbers that mark an extraordinary achievement of that individual’s time.

Simple to recollect and make a remarkable impression in the hearts of others.
Reasonable for the five components and feng shui. At the end of the day, it is bound for the proprietor.

As indicated by Wikipedia SIM (short for Subscriber Identity Module, generally deciphered: supporter character module) is an IC coordinated circuit able to do safely putting away data about global endorsers (International Mobile Subscriber Identity IMSI).

counting the endorser number, and related data to distinguish and verify the supporter proprietor on the cell phone. What’s more, numerous SIM cards are likewise equipped for putting away extra contact data. SIMs are constantly utilized in telephones utilizing GSM innovation;

for telephones utilizing CDMA innovation simply add LTE-empowered headsets. SIM cards are additionally utilized in satellite telephones, smartwatches, PCs or even

A portable membership incorporates a versatile terminal and a SIM card. Because of the SIM, clients can change cell phones effectively, without the help of a portable specialist co-op.

SIM cards come in four sizes: enormous (1FF), little (2FF), miniature (3FF), nano (4-FF). ID-1 SIM is about the size of a Visa, showed up in the good ‘ol days when the new portable organization was conceived, utilized with old cell phones. Furthermore, the Plug-in SIM is the sort that we frequently use today.


These days, the interest for utilizing wonderful computerized sim cards is expanding step by step. Thusly, there are numerous units spend significant time in giving delightful computerized sim cards  like SIM SO DEP that are opened to meet the most extreme requirements of clients


To decide to purchase a lovely sim card, you can do it through two strategies as follows:

Choice 1: Call straightforwardly to Hotline (0912).51.51.51 or telephone number (0912).51.51.51 from 8;00 to 22:00 during ends of the week and on public occasions to arrange sim cards. The organization’s staff will be accessible 100% of the time to serve and encourage clients to pick an appropriate number of sim cards.

delievery method of  Sim So Dep

Support customers to find sim cards in 63 provinces and cities after only 2 minutes of ordering, please leave the information you need in the sim card section at our request. For example, you are in Hanoi at sea 30.31, want to find a beautiful sim card in Hanoi. We will find sims 0933313131, 0988313131.

Set Sim By type Of  Sim Network,By Number

Customers order a sim based on their desired carrier, the beginning and the end of the number they want, for example, Viettel sim at the beginning of 098 with the ending number of Loc Phat (68), …

How To Make A Sim On Demand At SimSoDep.vn

SimSoDep.Vn supermarket   also accepts all orders of beautiful digital sim cards everywhere in Vietnam, whether you are in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong or Ca Mau with a team of professional, enthusiastic and friendly staff.





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