Best Santa Claus Drawing Easy | Drawing Easy Tutorial

Drawings Easy let’s try Santa Drawing! In this post, you can find step-by-step instructions for creating an Easy Santa Claus drawing. There are only six steps in total. This educational activity was scanned from a vintage children’s book I have in my collection.

A practice worksheet with open room to practice on actual pages is printable at the end of the article. Before creating a big group of Santas, you may practice drawing them. You can print as many copies of the Drawings Easy worksheets as you’d want to give to your family, Sunday school class, classroom, creative friends meeting, senior center, and other organizations. Now let’s get to drawing! Only For Personal Use. Forex Signals Telegram

Best Santa Claus Drawings Easy | Drawings Easy Tutorial

Steps By Step Santa Drawings Easy

Children and adults may both use this Santa drawing guide! I suggest drawing using a pencil so you can go back and fix any errors. You can always go back over it with an ink pen or marker once you’re finished if you wish to make any additional clarifications. Our post on the necessities for drawing may be found HERE. Have fun creating a few of them!


  • Let’s start with Santa Claus’s remains. To do it, we must first construct a rounded triangle.


  • Add St. Nick’s head, arms, and legs next. On top of the torso, create a figure that resembles a loaf of bread to depict the head of the big guy. Once the torso is complete, add the arms by joining the ends of two curved lines. Draw two hourglass shapes as well for the bottom legs.


  • Next, we’ll sketch the cap, mustache, and nose of St. Nicholas. Create a little circle for the nose in the middle of the creature’s head. The mustache can be added by drawing an “S” with a slant on one side of the nose. The opposite side ought to do the same.
  • Then connect the mustache to the mouth with a curved line. Finally, draw a cone bent in half to represent the hat.


  • To replicate the fur trim on St. Nicholas’ outfit, draw rectangular outlines around the corners of the garment. By drawing two straight lines, depict the belt along the midsection. Place two squares in the middle of the straight lines to finish the belt buckle.


  • At this point, we should add the famous man’s face. Draw two closed eyes and two brows that resemble beans. Put a little black dot behind his mustache to complete the mouth.


  • Finally, to give Father Christmas his signature “ho ho ho” sound, draw several short, diagonal lines below his mouth.

The only thing left to do at this stage is to color in your cute friend. Use markers, Crayola crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, or anything else you have on hand to complete your artwork! This one has been colored with brown skin and red and white clothing, but you can use any colors you like to be inventive! You are free to decide!

Three more ideas to simplify your Santa Claus drawing

Enjoy a pleasant holiday season while using these suggestions to make drawing much simpler! Despite having many varied interpretations in many countries, Santa Claus is most frequently pictured wearing a red and white suit. Our first advice for this Santa Claus drawing is to use many depictions of this character as a source of inspiration.

Santa Claus pictures may be seen everywhere, especially during the Christmas season! You can acquire countless ideas for interpreting this scene by looking at these depictions or researching some online. Using your surroundings as inspiration as you craft your holiday masterpiece is acceptable.

In our tutorial, we demonstrated how you could employ fundamental shapes to simplify this Santa Claus sketch. However, it can still be difficult even with the shapes we showed you!

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