Best Pet Shop In Dubai: 10 Toys To Keep Your Beloved Cat Happy!

First And Foremost: The Laser Toy!

The laser toy is a sure favorite among cats around the world. You can buy the best laser toys from the Best Pet Shop In Dubai. Cats are predators by nature and thus love to hunt the little red dot. It will be highly entertaining for all cats.

The laser toy also goes beyond entertainment for cats. Such toys provide them with exercise and body movement regularly. It helps keep them fit, healthy and robust. These toys will help hone their muscles and use their instincts.

At the same time, the laser toy can become frustrating for your cat. This happens when they’ve been playing with the laser for too long. They can never catch the prey, thus discouraging and boring them. That’s where the next toy comes into play.

The Ever Classic – Bird Feather Toy

Once the cat begins to get bored with the laser toy, is the right time to sneak in the feather toy. You can buy such toys from any Cat Shop in Dubai. Furthermore, when you sneak this in mid-play, you give them prey they can catch, and successfully.

Moreover, this will make them confident and happy. In addition, it will also distract them from the laser toy. The feather toy will make them happy and give them the satisfaction of catching prey.

A Wand Toy For More Than One Purpose

The wand toy is a great toy for cats. With such toys, you can play with them at close range. They’ll feel close to you. In addition to this, they will also have the satisfaction of spending time with you.

It is a myth that cats are solitary, but recent studies show that they enjoy company gladly. As long as it’s their chosen people. A wand toy is also a great way to train them. Although it is not easy to train cats, you can try this toy.

The Automated Feather Toy

The automated feather toy is perfect for busy cat parents. With such toys, you will not need a cat sitter while you’re busy at work. The feather will spin around the toy as the cat plays with it. It is almost like self-entertainment.

The cat will love chasing this feather toy in circles and trying to catch the bird. Most cat toys in the Best Pet Shop In Dubai are designed to mimic prey. This can help hone their instincts and their bodies.

A Cat Tree

While the cat tree is technically not a cat toy, don’t underestimate what your cat will do with it. In line with their nature, they will love climbing to the top and watching everything below. Secondly, if you have more than one cat, they will love chasing each other on the cat tree.

Even a cat with a companion will find ways to play with the cat tree. Be sure to leave their favorite toys on it occasionally. And, surely they wouldn’t mind some catnip?

The Catnip Toy

The star of all cat toys in the Best Pet Shop In Dubai. The cat will go crazy over this toy. Catnip is known to be safe and enjoyable for cats. Moreover, you can find catnip toys in abundance and in variety too. One of the more common catnip toys is the stuffed rat.

Rats and other felt animal toys are stuffed with catnip for cats. You can also find catnip otherwise and simply let your cat play with it. Put a spoonful or so on the floor and they have the time of their lives rolling around in the catnip. Fresh catnip is another great option, but hard to come by.

A Smart Toy For Smart Cats

Many modern toys are meant to invigorate pets’ minds. They are available for cats and dogs in Cat Shop in Dubai. These toys also come in a variety of types. Some of these toys are suitable for dry food while some are suitable for wet food.

For the wet food toys, you simply paste the wet food over their toy and have to try to access it with their tongues. The dry food toys require more of their mental gymnastics. You will have to put the food in and they will try to get it out.

The Amazing Metal Fountain

Yes, this is not a toy. Yet, at the same time, cats love playing with this. You can buy many types of cat fountains from Cat Shop in Dubai. This encourages them to play with the moving water and drink it alone. Lack of water is a problem for household pets.

They can get kidney diseases and dehydrate. You can easily encourage them to drink more water by offering them such stimulating toys. This will keep them healthier in the long run.

The Ever Adorable Cardboard Scratch Toys

These adorable toys are a cat’s favorite. They come in many shapes, designs and sizes. Cats also dispersed their scent through their nails and scratches. It is also healthy for their nails and their muscles. To add to this, this is also why they scratch furniture, pillows, and cushions.

Using such toys can help redirect their instincts. This will save your furniture and their nail health. Moreover, you can find many types and keep refreshing their collection. You can keep them from being bored while also allowing them to exercise their instincts.

The Tunnel And The Tent

The tunnel and the tent are great toys for cats. Cats are natural predators and love to hide and hunt. As such, they will love these tunnels and tents. These toys give them a good space to hide and play, they will enjoy this equally with other cats and by themselves too.

Make sure to have a variety and change them up often. As humans, cats also can get ennui from playing with the same toys repeatedly. Give them sufficient time to forget the toys and get bored with the new toys. Then you can change them up again.

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