What Makes the Best Medical Representative Tracking Software

A lot goes into making the Medical Representative Tracking software for medical representatives. What secret ingredients go into the making of a world-class employee tracking system ? Well, there are many!

Let’s explore one sector at a time. This article will discuss the features that play an active role in automating salesforce management.

MR Management Software for Pharma Industry 

Earlier managers were dependent on the salesperson for daily task reports but not anymore! We have overcome the age of manual management. Features like attendance marking, leave management, and performance analysis, have automated field force management. The manual monitoring of the pharmaceutical salesforce can lead to human errors.

Medical representative tracking software restricts the scope of human errors and mitigates challenges.

How does a Workforce Management System enhance productivity?

Employee Tracking Software completely automates the pharma salesforce management. It enhances efficiency with the help of the following features:

  • Real-time Tracking of Medical Representatives

Live tracking acts as the third eye of the MR managers. It offers the real-time tracking of employees. You get live movement on the map because of the live coordinates reporting. Real-time tracking simplifies the monitoring of medical representatives working in the field.

  • Geo-coded Attendance Monitoring 

Attendance management is one of the most popular solutions with employers. These new-age medical representative tracking software offer advanced features. Geo-verified attendance, photo-proof, fingerprint, and other attendance marking solutions to name a few. They also come with automatic options.

  • Leave and Holidays Management

It is imperative to keep track of the leaves of medical representatives because managers have to make sure every zone, area, or route is well covered. When the need comes, the manager can look for a proxy in place of the regular salesman in the area. Approving and rejecting leaves is another taxing task when there is a team of dozens to manage. 

  • Route Planning for Medical Representatives 

This advanced feature allows managers to create many routes. They assign them to different medical representatives and track their tasks. It is more like assigning all the doctors in one area to one salesperson and defining his route. Managers also get a notification for route deviations and skipping the stops. 

Other Important features in a Pharma Sales Reporting System

Battery and Network Status 

  • It is hard for medical representatives to lie about their absence. Updates such as locations, battery status, and network availability make the process fool-proof. The battery status gets updated on the medical representative tracking software in real-time. When the phone goes off due to unknown reasons, managers receive a battery status alert. The same goes for the network status update. The software analyzes the strength of the network and keeps updating it.

In-built Chatroom for Better Communication

  • The in-built chatroom is useful for internal group communications or one-on-one conversations. There is an option to attach different files such as photos, pdf, or other formats. It ensures better coordination amongst the team members.

Daily Reports – Calls, Tasks, Meetings and More

  • Manual reporting has vanished from the salesforce management scenario because employee management has replaced the piles of papers, files, and folders. Everything gets reported if you choose to archive it. You get the reports employee-wise or task-wise, the choice is yours.  

Winding up!

MR reporting software continues to advance, leveraging the latest technology to provide a wealth of benefits, features, and applications. This ever-expanding list of capabilities is one of the defining qualities of SaaS-based products. TrackoField, for instance, offers a robust field force management software tailored for the management of medical representatives and salesforce teams. Continuous evolution of MR reporting software, driven by SaaS technology, empowers businesses to optimize their sales and marketing efforts, enhance productivity, and achieve greater visibility and control over their field force operations.


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