Pain Management

If you’re suffering from Pain, you’ll do anything to find relief. Massage is a great option to manage Pain, and the issue is understanding what kind of massage will be best for you. For instance, with massage, you can choose various styles to relieve Pain and manage it. Here are guidelines to help you choose the most appropriate massage technique for your Pain.

The effects of activity or Trauma

The Pain is sudden because of an event, i.e. weekend sports, or a sudden trauma like an automobile accident. In the event of Pain that is the result of an activity, but the Pain is not hindering regular activities, a deep therapeutic tissue massage is a good choice. The massage therapist proceeds cautiously, starting with a gentle massage followed by a deep tissue massage.

In the case of trauma-related Pain, the first thing that needs to do is consult with your doctor. Most often, they will prescribe anti-inflammatory treatment and perhaps muscle relaxants. If your physician has approved massaging, this procedure of beginning with Swedish before moving on towards therapeutic is appropriate. The speed and depth at which the massage therapist will go during the first session depend on how severe the injury is. The first session might be pure Swedish if this is the only thing your muscles can tolerate. But, as you go through more sessions, you’ll be able to advance towards therapeutic massages.

Chronic Pain as a result of illness

Patients who experience chronic Pain due to illness almost always benefit from a Swedish relaxing massage. The reason for this is that the ability to manage Pain is diminished because of the stress. Another way to think about this is to think of the “paint bucket”. Every person has a pain bucket, which can be filled with Pain. Once the bucket is complete, the capacity to deal with Pain has been exhausted. If you suffer from persistent pain bucket is already full. A deep tissue massage that could result in more Pain, regardless of whatever “good for them” it is, will strain the body and result in further damage.

The goal of a relaxation massage is to drain the bucket of Pain as completely as possible, allowing the sufferer to handle daily Pain.

Aches from Stress

If your shoulders are up to your earlobes, and your neck is stiff due to stress, you should seek to relax through a Swedish massage. Massages that help to relax and calm the muscles to allow them to loosen from their grip. Additionally, the Swedish massage is so gentle that you’ll be able to drift away and forget about your worries about working and life.

The Pain you suffer will determine the most appropriate massage technique for you. A skilled massage therapist will meet with you to choose the most effective action plan together.

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